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Can I freeze the boiled meat in the freezer

1. Cutlets freeze fried.

2. Raw meat should be frozen thinly sliced. When freezing raw meat, you should make it thinner if possible. It is best if it is thinner than 1 cm. The freezing of thick meat takes time for which the meat tissue is destroyed, and it loses a lot both in freshness and in taste. You can wrap in cabbage leaves, then the meat will not lose anything in taste and will not change in color.

3. Add salt to chicken before freezing. Chicken is watery, so before freezing, sprinkle it with salt and wipe off the moisture. The wateriness of the meat will disappear, and it will taste better. In addition, after such treatment, chicken will be stored longer than the one that you immediately put in the freezer.

4. Use aluminum pallet for quick freezing If there is no freezer in the freezerspecial chamber for fast freezing, it is necessary to lay meat in a plastic bag for freezing and put on an aluminum pallet. Aluminum conducts the cold well, so you can significantly reduce the time of freezing. If there is no aluminum pallet, you can use a pan from the toaster oven. This method can also be used when freezing raw fish.

5. Large pieces of raw meat must be welded and cutBig pieces of meat must first be cooked. It is advisable to cook meat with aromatic vegetables and celery onions. The meat disappears and it becomes more valuable for cooking. Boiled meat is divided into small pieces and freeze. Adding to the water, which boiled meat, salt and black pepper, you will get an excellent broth.

6. Chicken thighs Before freezing, cut and unfoldchicken thighs have thick and thin parts, so freezing occurs unevenly. Because of this, the meat loses its taste and freshness. To avoid this, you need to cut and unfold the thick part of the thighs. Meat will be frozen without loss of taste.

7. Sausages freeze one at a time When freezing sausageswithout preliminary treatment they are covered with hoarfrost and stick together, because of what it is difficult to get the right amount. To avoid this, you must first wipe each sausage well with a paper towel. In a plastic bag for freezing sausages you need to stack so that they do not lie one on top of another. Before laying the bag in the freezer completely release the air from it.

8. Rational freezing of minced meat in the form of chocolate One way to freezeraw minced meat is that the mince is put in a plastic bag for freezing a thin layer of 5-10 mm thick. Before closing the bag, use a knife for butter, apply strips on top of the package, dividing minced meat into approximately 9 parts. It will look like a bar of chocolate. After releasing the air from the bag, tightly close it and put it in the freezer. When you need to break off the right amount.

9. Meat for steak freeze in a triple wrapper Thoroughly wiped offpaper towel wet surface of meat, wrap it in a food film. Top with aluminum foil. Finally put in a plastic bag for freezing. Beef is sensitive to light and easily oxidized, so that any access to light closes the aluminum foil, and a plastic bag of air. This triple wrap allows freezing meat without compromising its taste. But with prolonged storage, a drop in taste is inevitable. You can store no more than two weeks.

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