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Is it possible to freeze boiled chicken meat

Frozen in a raw form of chicken surprise anyoneit is impossible. She firmly settled in the freezer. But there are circumstances that a frozen bird asks for a freeze. With a view to a reasonable approach to saving, it is worthwhile to find out whether it is possible to freeze a boiled chicken.

If the chicken is cooked whole, it must beuse rationally, because the abundance of meat food will not please the body. Therefore, it is better to make several dishes from one bird. This is both practical and useful. When part of the chicken is separated for a lunch dish, the remaining half is stored in the refrigerator for 2-3 days is undesirable. It's better to freeze it.

How to freeze cooked chicken

  1. Before freezing it is necessary to decide how the bird will be used after defrosting. Depending on this, it can be placed in the freezer chamber entirely or divided into pieces.
  2. Each piece of chicken is packed in a tight plastic bag. It is good to close or tie, so that there is no touch to raw foods.
  3. Freeze the boiled chicken and store it better at -18 degrees, but to avoid loss of useful qualities, do not hold longer than 5-6 days.
  4. Thawed chicken immediately use. Re-freezing is not allowed. It causes destruction of the tissue structure, a sharp loss of protein and trace elements.

Often mistresses seek an answer to anotherThe burning question is whether it is possible to freeze a smoked chicken, since its shelf life is limited. And to consume a lot of smoked meat at one time is unreasonable and not sensible.

  1. Freezing allows to increase the shelf life of ready-to-eat meat. Smoked chicken is better chopped into pieces. Subsequently, they will unfrozen faster.
  2. Pack smoked chicken should only be packaged forfreezing, in order to preserve the aroma and taste as much as possible, as well as not to allow contact with raw meat or fish. In smoked chicken when thawing, microorganisms multiply very quickly.
  3. Thawed smoked meat is best used for making salads, soups and saltworts, since after freezing it loses juiciness, while retaining its taste qualities.

The freezer allows you to economize on products and diversify the family menu, especially if you know how to freeze boiled and smoked chicken.

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