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Is it possible to freeze pickled meat

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Author: Status: User Time: 14:08 Date: 19 Feb 2007

I leave for a week, I want for my husband to marinate steaks in a mixture of tangerine juice and mustard, nothing will happen to the meat, will it survive, will not lose its taste?

Author: matroska Status: User Time: 14:38 Date: 19 Feb 2007

Author: martavena Status: User Time: 10:16 Date: 20 Feb 2007

Author: Iced Green Tea Status: User Time: 16:22 Date: 19 Feb 2007

Author: Signora Status: User Time: 17:16 Date: 19 Feb 2007

when it will be defrosted, it will be missed.

now I have chickens. leg with mustard and rabbit with dried herbs stored in the freezer;))

Author: Status: User Time: 02:33 Date: 20 Feb 2007

Author: Signora Status: User Time: 04:03 Date: 22 Feb 2007

I warn you that this is not a recipe, but my clean

home improvisation, tk. ate something similar in the restaurant. all very

simply: tomato paste and a bunch of spices to taste.

take fresh mussels, they are more delicious, but if you do not want to mess with

by cleaning-boiling take the boiled frozen halves of the shells.

how to clean them, tell them how to cook? You probably know.

in a frying pan you heat up the olive. oil, fry the onions, add 1

stalk of leek, several lobules

finely chopped garlic, cube bouillon if you want. add tomato.

paste or nat. rubbed tomatoes from the package. you can add all kinds of

spice cat. you like. I put the hammer and black pepper, ground

red pepper, bay leaf and a little romero (as it was in

availability, in the next. once obyaz.poslozh basil). when he leaves a little

put the ready-made mussels in the sauce and warm up everything. happened

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