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Is it possible to freeze cooked meat

Specifically, baked today lamb, now I understand, we can not cope with the volumes. Question: Is it possible to freeze baked lamb?

After I bought a normal refrigerator, I try to freeze everything.

Maybe not so useful, but the economy of forces andtime, and the products still do not disappear. And my husband likes to sometimes call and ask: "I'll be in 20 minutes, will you feed me?". Since this event can not be foreseen, the frost is very helpful. Well, and of course, if we already talk about semi-finished products, it's better to cook with our own hands))

I froze ready-made cutlets (meat andhepatic), fried patties, even bread and many more. I would not say that the taste has changed so much. Of course, it should be borne in mind that the requirements for food in each family are different ..

And about specifically baked lamb .. I think after the freeze, maybe a little more specific odor (and that is not a fact). Just do not defrost immediately, but in the refrigerator.

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