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Can I store frozen fish next to meat?

The quality of the products depends on the taste andthe benefits of cooked dishes. For this reason, catering establishments pay special attention not only to the purchase of fresh and quality products, but also to their storage.

In order to keep the products properit is necessary to have refrigerators freezers, special packaging and other things. There are different storage rules for each type of product. It is important to follow all the recommendations, this will help preserve the useful properties of the products.

It is best to use the dishesfresh meat. Today, many restaurants do so. They buy meat daily. A cold store is needed to store fresh meat. Meat should be placed in a tightly closed container or wrapped in film. Being in a vacuum, it will not be weather-beaten and its edges will remain soft. For meat products, a separate refrigerator must be provided. Meat can not be stored with dairy products or fish. Frozen meat is stored in the freezer.

The fish has a characteristic smell. If you put fish together with other products, they can soak up its odor. Therefore, to store fish, you must also allocate a refrigerator. Fresh fish is stored on ice slices. Periodically you need to change the ice. If initially the fish is packaged in hermetic packages, then it must be stored in a sealed state. Frozen fish are stored in tightly closed packages in the freezer.

Dairy products easily absorb odors. For them, you must have a separate refrigerator. In addition, dairy products should be stored in closed containers. Milk should be covered with a lid, curd in a closed tray, and hard sorts of cheese wrapped with a film.

Eggs should be used no longer than a month and a half after their work. In the fridge, they are kept better. Eggs can be placed in the refrigerator with any products.

Vegetables and fruits should also be preserved inrefrigerating chamber. The optimum temperature for each variety can be different. Vegetables and fruits in general form are also allowed to be stored together with other products.

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