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Is it possible to freeze chilled poultry meat sampin

Meat is a valuable source of protein and otherminerals. That is why it is one of the most used in nutrition products. In order for the product to remain useful, it is necessary to know the rules for its selection and storage.

Each type of heat treatment of meat has its ownfeatures. For example, it is considered doubled within an hour and a half after the slaughter of the animal. It has a natural temperature and cools down with time. Due to the fact that the muscles are still very tight, it is tough enough. To relax, and the meat has acquired the necessary softness, you should wait a few days.

Chilled - this is the one that after the cuttingcarcass retracts into the refrigerator and cools down there. From above it is covered with a natural crust. The temperature of chilled meat does not exceed +4 degrees.

Frozen meat is different in that only the external part is exposed to frost, inside it remains unfrozen.

And in order to ensure that the meat is stored longer and does not deteriorate, while maintaining a long transportation, use deep freezing.

Chilled beef, pork or chicken meatalways ready for immediate cooking. Frozen meat must first thaw, which takes a lot of time. At the same time, using a microwave oven speeds up the process considerably, but not always it is possible to achieve a good result. In some cases, especially when the piece is thick enough, it happens that the inside of the meat is still frozen, and the top is already roasted. Therefore, having plans to cook a delicious dish, you need to get the product from the freezer in advance.

Another advantage of chilled meat in comparison with frozen meat is that all useful substances are stored in it. Also it is considered the most delicious.

The most important disadvantage is that the termstorage of chilled meat is very small. In industrial cold stores that are used in stores, the acceptable shelf life is 5 days at a constant temperature of 0 degrees. If the temperature is higher, the storage time will be limited to two or three days.

How much time can the meat be stored in the home refrigerator

Duration of safe storage of meat in the homeThe refrigerator depends on the temperature inside the chamber. If it does not exceed +4 degrees, then the unprocessed product can be stored for no more than a day, and minced meat only 8 hours. At a higher temperature, the time is reduced by one-third.

For long-term preservation of meat in a chilledform came up with a vacuum package, which is filled with a special gas that replaces oxygen. This allows you to suspend all the processes of multiplication of bacteria, leading to spoilage of the product.

Storage of chilled meat in vacuum packaging withpreservation of all properties can last up to 10 weeks. It is unlikely that a simple consumer is important that a piece of beef stored in his refrigerator for three to four months.

Long-term storage of unfrozen meatnecessary to sellers. This is due to better demand and a higher price. Since a shopper who has come to the store after the work of the buyer has a greater desire to buy meat that can be immediately put in a frying pan, rather than frozen.

To keep the chilled meatso long, it is necessary to monitor the temperature in the refrigerator. It should be constant and be at a certain level. Otherwise, the period will be greatly reduced. With this method of preservation, the color of the meat and its smell can change. By the way, blue is not an indicator of a spoiled product, such color is quite natural for storage in a vacuum. After opening the package, the color should return to its natural state and the smell disappear.

If there is a need to freeze chilled meat, then some rules should be observed:

  • if the piece is large, you need to divide it into several small ones;
  • it must not be washed;
  • From the package, in which a piece of meat is taken away, all the air should be removed;
  • it is desirable that the process of freezing is as shocking as possible, so the temperature in the freezer should be set at the very minimum;
  • since even in a freezer meat is not stored forever, in packages you need to put notes with a date of freezing, which will help to monitor the expiration date;
  • after the piece is completely frozen, itsshould be dipped in a saucepan of cool water and again put in a freezer. Packing from above will be covered with a crust of ice and the frozen chilled meat will retain a sufficient amount of water.

Meat is a great place to livepathogenic bacteria. Therefore, its storage at a positive temperature is possible for a short time. Vacuum packaging that preserves chilled meat, the shelf life of which is significantly increased due to inhibition of the growth of bacteria, requires that the ideal storage temperature be slightly below zero. But since no one knows what kind of goods lies on the counter of the store, how long and in what conditions it was stored, there is a risk of acquiring an already spoiled product.

Meat can be frozen in many ways thatgives a completely different result. In domestic conditions, when meat enters the freezer, it is frozen gradually. At this time, rather large particles of ice form inside which destroy its fibers. That is why when defrosting the product loses its appeal and looks more friable. And because of excessive loss of moisture, it becomes stiff and tasteless.

On an industrial scale, a differenttechnology. The meat is frozen at extremely low temperatures and with strong air circulation. Such a shock frost leads to the formation of small crystals of water, which do not exert a destructive effect on the structure of meat. Therefore, thawed and cooked, this product will have the same flavor characteristics as the chilled meat.

Frozen food is easier to transport and store without worrying about its safety.

Not to be mistaken with the quality of meat, you needattentively to his choice. First, color is important. If the beef is too light, then this is a reason to be on the alert, since this is an indicator of the very young age of the animal. They are not allowed to be killed for no good reason. Too dark meat, with a gray tint, indicates its not the first freshness. If the chilled beef meat has yellow and dull fat, this purchase should be discarded.

Fresh high-quality meat has an elastic consistency and a shiny surface, moisture does not flow from it, there is no plaque on it.

To check this, you should take a piece andcarefully examined from all sides. Then you need to press your finger on the surface, if the resulting depression quickly disappears, then the meat is not subjected to freezing. Thawed meat is characterized by looseness, the muscles are not distinguished by elasticity, the sap may drip from it. Freshness will help determine the smell. It should not be sharp and unpleasant, causing negative emotions.

Remember, the older the cow, the more fatty layers there are in its meat. They are hardly noticeable in a young animal.

With the right choice and observance of all storage standards, it is possible to prepare a tasty dish using meat that is safe for health and useful for the body.

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