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Can I freeze cow's milk in plastic bottles?

Find out if you can freeze milk. Here you can read the advice and opinions of experts.

Milk has a number of useful mineralsubstances. Especially it is necessary at feeding, after all it is the first food of any person. Therefore, often young moms and just lovers of milk are faced with the problem of its storage. There are many questions as to how best to do this and opinions on this issue are divided. Can I freeze milk? This is one of the most common methods and most often concerns home-made milk. Before you start to freeze, it is recommended to boil the milk and cool to room temperature. What is the best way to do this? Which container to choose? Is it possible to freeze milk in a package? In the opinion of housewives, it is better to take plastic bottles as storage containers. They are easy to use and there is no likelihood that they can tear with careless movement while placing the packages in the freezer. Bottles must be clean, if possible, buy unused.

Talking about whether it is possible to freeze milk forstorage, it is also worth recalling the research that is conducted in this area. Milk can retain its useful properties at temperatures of -15 ... -18 degrees. Shelf life is approximately 500 days. When the milk is thawed outwardly, it can externally have an inhomogeneous mass, so that it should be avoided to stir intensively. For defrosting, you can put a bottle of milk in warm water or simply leave in the room and wait a little longer. Defrosted milk should be used within three days.

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