/ / Is it possible to freeze goat's milk then give to a baby

Is it possible to freeze goat's milk then give the infant a baby

Not a fact, that's for cow's squirrel. Maybe for lure

The lure was later introduced

It is better to finish testing with an allergist. Not the fact that it's from milk.

Our cheeks also blushed. It's unclear what. Itself passed. Only experienced and cleaned everything.

And what can be, if they did not eat anything other than the mixture?

And my two years already. Till now very much likes milk. And eats well. Milk for children is very important. I hope that this is not lactose after all

Although allergies can be on anything. My mother is allergic. She has a whole list, including clothes made of synthetics.

I thought it was after fattening. Well then, yes, a high probability. But we have not been confirmed. Itself has come, itself is gone. Mazali with d-panthenol.

And you fed prior to the introduction of porridge with milk or a mixture? Before feeding all was normal? Can be abruptly introduced? Somehow you immediately put allergy on milk. As for freezing, you can freeze goat's milk, she did it herself.

there was no blush even before feeding

Your primary task is to remove this red from the cheeks. At least until the moment the aggravation has passed, no experiments. I would not give milk to children of this age and, especially, allergies.

The pediatrician is a general doctor, he must give outyou refer to a consultation with an allergist. He, in turn, will adjust the nutrition of the children, will write out specialized creams and emulsions for bathing. It is possible to appoint tests. We first sat on a mixture of hydrolyzate, now switched to goat milk. Not really there is a change, but the allergist recommended either goat or sheep's milk. Sheep can not be found yet (((in general the allergy to the protein of cow's milk is often found in children, many of it overgrow., Whether the cows are different, or ecology .There is, incidentally, not just goat's milk, but mixtures, yes they are not cheap, but also run diathesis does not follow, I did not immediately notice, thought on the frost cheeks so react, while the crusts did not start to cover.

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