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In what you can freeze milk cow

Everyone knows that the best food for crumbs is breast milk. This is the most natural food for a child. It is interesting that women's milk is sterile, that is, free of germs.

Is it possible to freeze breast milk? What do I need to do? Freeze milk for further use if:

  1. Mom does not have the opportunity to breast-feed (for example, if the baby is premature);
  2. The child sucks badly, that is, the chest is not fully emptied;
  3. Mom stagnant milk, cracks deep;
  4. My mother has flat or retracted nipples.

Milk can be frozen, but it must be remembered,that expressed in the refrigerator expressed milk is stored no more than 24 hours, and in the freezer - up to three months. To freeze breast milk, you need:

  1. Express it;
  2. Store in sterilized dishes, prefer glass;
  3. If you want to add a new expressed milk to a frozen one, then pre-cool it;
  4. It is inadmissible to store defrosted milk and milk, which remained in the bottle after feeding!

Defrost the milk can be as follows:

  1. If the milk was stored in the freezer, then put the bottle in the refrigerator. It will thaw in about 12 hours.
  2. If you need a quick defrost of milk, then put in a bowl of warm water a bottle of milk.

The use of hot water and microwave,It is inadmissible, since milk loses its useful properties! If you follow these simple rules, then during thawing, breast milk will not lose its valuable qualities.

Can I freeze milk? Observing the same rules, you can freeze and homemade cow milk, you can for convenience put in plastic containers, only not to the brim. And the main thing is to defrost it in a natural way!

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