/ / Is it possible to freeze breast milk in cans for analysis

Is it possible to freeze breast milk in the analysis tanks

but somehow the moral aspect stops))))

: gy: Come on, what aspect? They are sterile. And they are called FOR ANALYSIS. And the analysis is not only a piece of shit: gy:

plastic for analysis

All the same plastic for analyzes, but not for products. I would not even froze because of disgust, but because of the possible release of any harmful substances from plastic.

Could it be useful frozen milk?

and I finally do not do stupid things

and I could have worked out, so it does not express at all: gy:

If the expressed milk were to be used by him at such moments.

more than once read that children refuse to use it;) Well, I do not see the problem of taking a child with me;)

Could it be useful frozen milk?

My milk was useful. not me. And my friend's son in a very difficult situation

I gave them 3 liters of frozen milk, tk. her child was in serious condition and did not digest any food except breast milk.

She herself could not start lactation again, and any protein was not digested. Here. "

Now my son has a milk brother

Now my son has a milk brother

Choi can not be frozen in the glass, what nonsense? Glass does not emit anything during freezing. Defrost, of course, in the refrigerator, without sudden changes in temperature. I froze in jars from under the baby food. My first few months had so much surplus, that on aventovskih bottles I would be ruined.

At the expense of plastic for analysis agrees, it is not food, it is unknown what is there for toxins.

Yes, and I did not sterilize. What for? There, with a minus, everything will die))) and if there is a microwave, and sterilize the Pts like: just a little water in a jar and for 3-5 minutes in a mikra. But it is not clear why, if the bank is normally washed

the child perfectly drank it (when I needed to leave for a couple of days)

Milk frozen I always need, especially on the road, when the baby does not breast feed

I did not get that. and why can not I get and get a tit? Why these zamorochki?

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