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What to do from frozen milk

This is what frozen milk looks like.

Shelf life of the thawed milk (in the open form) for up to 3 days at a temperature of 2º to 6ºС

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the pope brought from the village 3 liters, today the godfather and aunt also brought the village one) where so much? Thank you for giving a sensible recipe))) now the milk will be stocked.

and goat's milk can not always be bought at the store - there was no delivery. then everything is already dismantled.

only I just in the same bricks and plastic bottles, which sold - and froze. so that your chips boil "sterilized" milk - did not understand.

or you milk "in the village from under the goat" bought? so it's dangerous and this can not be given to young children for a number of reasons.

in short, did not understand your recipe (well, except as a desire to participate in the contest)

Be vigilant, careful and take care of yourself and your loved ones!

2. Are you absolutely sure of the goat, from under which milk was taken? and in the hostess? I'm here for example - I was not ready to risk the health of the child. in such milk "laboratory tests" - are not made.

3. in paired milk from the goat what fat content? you are sure of this? and given that children in milk are not the main thing fat, but protein. you are properly bred milk? you are sure of this? and in fact excessive fat content of milk is obesity of a liver of the child.

in short, sum up:

1. Everyone decides how to feed him (that is, what risks he is willing to take)

2. All the same tsimes your prescription is not clear to me.

P.S. I am from Belarus myself. and believe me, our refrigerators Atlant - not "Feng Shui" never.

Yes, I heard from friends about the quality of your milk. I sympathize.

I live in Belarus. our milk, even which is sold in the store. how would I say it. very worthy!

October 16, 2012 | zluka07091982 # +1

Thank you for the tip, I froze half the freezer that winter. and then threw it away (it was not boiled and curdled). we do not find goat's milk in the store)

At the weekend, three 3-liter cans of milk were brought. Well, what to do with it? You can not drink everything, just do not twist.

I had to freeze a little. Then I defrost and use it for baking or cereal.

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