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How to freeze the Tibetan milk mushroom

Everyone is aware of the benefits of fermented milk products. Milk fermented for many hundreds of years, almost in all countries. Ways to get kefir, ryazhenka, varenets, yoghurt for all people is different for its recipes. Recently, the milk mushroom from Tibet has gained great popularity.

Previously, did not know about it, and when they checked itproperties, they were surprised by how useful it is. So, Tibetan milk mushroom, kefir fungus: instructions for use, useful properties and reviews - on. Chamomile pharmacy: when to collect and dry and for what use in folk medicine.

It is interesting! Unusual mushroom resembles the appearance of a granular curd. In the beginning, each mushroom has a small size, with time it can grow from the palm of a newborn baby.

  1. Semi-finished products and other harmful products are baddigested and accumulated in the intestines, as a result forms toxins and poisons. Get rid of them kefir fungus. It will gradually remove the products that cause the formation of putrefactive bacteria, and restore the beneficial microflora;
  2. Due to poor ecology, heavy metals fall into our body. A common reason for this is the exhaust gases of cars, water from the aqueduct. Miracle mushroom is able to purify the body of them;
  3. The mushroom has the property of splitting fats, this will help get rid of excess kilograms;
  4. With the reception of yogurt, the condition of hair, skin, and nails is much improved;
  5. After a certain time, taking Tibetan milk fungus, kefir fungus (instructions for use) to lower blood pressure;
  6. Memory will be much better;
  7. The fungus struggles with atherosclerosis;
  8. Effectively reduces the sugar content in the blood;
  9. Activates the immune system.

It is important! The use of kefir leads to purification, which means the recovery and rejuvenation of the body. How to use celandine from nail fungus on legs, reviews and recommendations.

Prepare kefir is not difficult. To do this, take a clean half-liter pot, pour a glass of warm milk into it and add a tablespoon of milk mushrooms. Above, to mushrooms breathe, put gauze. It is possible to cover and a polyethylene lid, but it is necessary to make holes first.

Put the jar with the contents on the windowsill for a day. After the time has come, kefir along with the mushrooms is filtered through a plastic strainer, helping with a wooden or plastic spoon. The remaining mushrooms must be washed under running water, put in a jar and pour warm milk. Tibetan milk mushroom, kefir fungus (instructions for use) is also good because it can be fermented several times.

Apply ready kefir preferably 2 times a day- In the morning, half an hour before meals and in the evening, best of all, before going to bed. Drink usually a full glass. They drink about 3 weeks and then one week or 10 days break. To the body did not have time to get used to. The course of admission is 1 year.

Appearance of healthy milk mushroom

This kefir can be used for cooking: pancakes, cottage cheese. It is also useful in cosmetology, for masks on the face and hands. Ways than to dilute blood at home are quick and effective.

It often happens that the fungus has become too much. So that it does not deteriorate, subject the Tibetan milk mushroom, kefir fungus (instructions for use) freezing.

To do this, the mushroom is thoroughly washed, put onfabric, so that excess moisture is impregnated, then put in another dry cloth, fold the corners and place it in a cellophane bag. Then another one and put in the freezer.

About kefir fungus can usually be found only positive reviews. For example, Olga Alexandrovna, 65 years old, he helped to cope with the pressure:

"It's been years since my pressure has gone too high. I take tablets every day. My granddaughter read about the benefits of Tibetan milk fungus, I ordered it through an online store. And so I began to take the instructions carefully: 20 days to drink yogurt and 10 days break, then the course needed to be repeated. Gradually reduced the dose of tablets from the pressure, but eventually completely abandoned them. Just in case, the pressure was measured daily. It is constantly normal. It's amazing that this kefir could help me so! "

A Marina, 35 years old, the fungus helped to regulate the intestine:

"I had a Tibetan milk mushroomthanks to my work colleague. She praised the mushroom every day. I was tormented by the ill-fated work of the intestines, the gases were constantly accumulating, the doctors diagnosed - dysbiosis. I decided to take a tablespoon of milk mushrooms and began to drink. I was treated for about 3 months, began to notice pleasant changes: the stomach became flat, the intestine began working harmoniously, the skin condition improved, it became smooth and supple. So, all these conversations about the benefits of kefir fungus are not in vain. I recommend to buy and start drinking yogurt! "

Also on the Tibetan milk fungus, kefir fungus (instructions for use), the review left Наталья, 27 years old:

"About Tibetan kefir for weight loss is very muchsay, decided to try to test its properties on yourself. In order to lose weight, adhered to a special diet with kefir. Usually it was necessary to drink 300 grams of the product a day, 30 minutes after eating. In addition, every other day I had to observe fasting days. The result was surprisingly excellent. After 3 weeks, I was able to lose weight by 8 kg. Then another few kilograms, so I can confidently confirm that the fungus really helps to lose weight. "

Tibetan milk mushroom is a wonderfula product that will help to cope with many problems, its reception can also completely replace the additional intake of vitamins and trace elements. The most important thing is that it is easy to grow, but the benefits are very high. Try and you!

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