/ / Is it possible to freeze puree from potatoes with milk

Is it possible to freeze puree from potatoes with milk

It is possible, but it is not necessary, I conducted suchexperiment, it all broke up after defrosting and became like water. But the chipped raw potatoes were thawed and cooked (somehow cleaned up a lot and decided to freeze), and nothing happened to it.

Frozen purees of course you can - at lowAny product freezes to temperature, but whether it is worth doing this is another matter. First of all, puree is good only fresh, with a heat with a heat, so I always always cook puree for an evening, one time. Sometimes of course it remains and then we put it in the refrigerator for tomorrow, but even after such cooling the taste is not the same.

If you cook enough mashed potatoes that you need to freeze it, be prepared for the fact that after defrosting you will not get any more mashed potatoes, but porridge and not everyone will have to taste it.

If water could be completely removed from the puree, then maybe this way would make sense, but I do not know how to do it. It's probably only real with industrial equipment.

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