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Is it possible to freeze goat's milk for future use

The question is not this.

We have a child almost 1.3 years, from 10 months not on the HS-but already on the general table, eats variously, the allergy to the protein of cow's milk-so that the mixture is ordinary, even GA does not suit us, and we do not earn goat-now, if it's not gold, then the silver is for sure.

The child was given goat's milk, for until the milk can not be refused, it can be seen that the child has a need.

The city is big though, but it's hard to find goat (that's industrial, that's home). So, one woman always took milk-good, liked everything.

But a week ago, a goat broke their thigh, and she had to be allowed to eat meat.

We are looking for a week where the brother-but only found a woman-she comes 2 times a week-Wednesday and Sunday. And we need about a liter in a day ..

So I think, it can take 2 liters per boil, liter to drink and liter freeze (after all, the breast, as I remember, they freeze and then sing the children).

That's really more, no one took, a week did not find (well, except that on the other end of the city, where there are private sectors, but there will be more travel for money and time).

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