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Is it possible to freeze breast milk in a glass container

Recommendations for storing breast milk

Colostrum (expressed within 6 days after birth):

  • 12 hours at room temperature 27-32 C (80.6-89.6 F)

  • at 15 C (59-60 F) - 24 hours
  • at 19-22 C (66-72 F) - 10 hours
  • at 25 C (79 F) - 4-6 hours
  • in the refrigerator at 0-4 C (32-39 F) - 8 days

  • Freezer shelf inside the refrigerator, without a separate door - 2 weeks
  • Freezer compartment with a separate door - 3-4 months (the temperature varies due to the frequent opening of the door)
  • A stationary (separate) deep-frozen freezer with a constant temperature of -19 C (0 F) - 6 months and longer.

What kind of dishes to store breast milk

  • in dense plastic or glass vessels
  • in special packages for storing frozen milk
  • It is not recommended to freeze milk in disposable bags for bottles
  • Before adding a new portion to the already frozen milk, it must be cooled

In order to defrost or heat the milk,It is necessary to put the container under a warm stream of water from the tap. Do not heat milk until it boils; shake the container before determining the temperature of the warmed milk; never heat breastmilk in a microwave oven.

Frozen milk, which has been heated, can be left in the refrigerator for 24 hours. It is not possible to freeze such milk again

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