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Is it possible to freeze the milk fungus

I will not describe the useful properties of kefir, obtained with the help of Tibetan milk fungus. I will describe and show what I do with it every day.

A film is formed on top, and if I do not like it, I remove it gently with a fork. But here it is clean, I do not take anything off.

I turn the contents of the can to the colander.

I met in the reviews polemic about what should be a colander: certainly plastic or without a difference? I think the arguments are superfluous. But the form matters.

Next, I vigorously beat the yogurt with a spoon, holding out the spoon on the bottom of the colander, but not touching the mushroom, until all the kefir flows out into the saucepan from the bottom.

I remove the pan, and the vulture is thoroughly washedrunning water, so that no kefir particles remain on it. They are clearly visible, since they have a snow-white appearance, unlike the fungus, which has a slightly creamy color.

Pure mushroom I lower in a half-liter jar withmilk. I cover with the lid (reverse side). It is not worth it in the dark, and nearby on the nightstand, so as not to forget about it. Maybe it's quite right, but so far I have not interfered.

If there is no milk in the stock, or there are surpluses, I lower the mushroom into ordinary water and put it in a refrigerator for a day or two, but with the lid closed. If for a longer time, then I change the water occasionally.

But today I will make a stock, just in case. I spread the mushroom on foil.

. and tightly wrapped. I sign: date - for myself, the contents - for the occasional "discoverers" of the refrigerator))

. If someone told you that this kefir does not help, for example, from constipation, sympathize with this person, since this is no longer a problem of the fungus, but of the gastrointestinal tract, moreover, serious ones.

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