/ How to freeze breast milk in a glass jar

How to freeze breast milk in a glass jar

Tell me, please, whether it is possible to freezeBreast milk is not in containers and not in packages, but in glass jars, for example, from baby food? Simply containers are expensive, but they write that it is hermetically sealed, but I doubt it.

Thank you in advance to all the respondents.

in the ordinary from under the baby food

In the first place the vessels are made of glass, on the second - vessels made of transparent hard plastic (polycarbonate), and on the third - opaque plastic (polypropylene) vessels. "

I did so, only to sterilize

To defrost the jar in the refrigerator, put it or leave it at room temperature? I read that 5 hours unfreeze, is it so? Then just warmed in the heater?

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