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Is it possible to freeze condensed milk

If before condensed milk was producedexclusively for the army, now the delicacy has become public. Despite the process of conservation, the storage period has a strict time limit. This fact must be taken into account when choosing a product in the store. From the materials of the article you will learn how to choose a quality condensed milk and how much it can be stored in an open and closed form.

The process of condensation of milk with sugar proceeds at60 ° C, which allows you to save most of the nutrients. The composition of whole cow milk and condensed milk is a little different, but on the nutritional value the favorite sweet tooth delicacy far exceeds the original product.

This quality is especially valuable because of the possibilityto supply the inhabitants of the far north with whole milk, which they have in weight of gold. Unfortunately, the stock has to be rotated annually, because the shelf life of the condensed milk does not exceed 12 months, provided the storage conditions specified by the manufacturer are met.

The shelf-life of the condensed milk depends on the capacity in which it is packaged:

  • In a tin can, a delicacy is guaranteed to retain useful qualities for one year.
  • Packages with doy-pack dispensers will retain the contents for several months (the manufacturer specifies the specific term).
  • The same applies to plastic containers with condensed milk. But there is one caveat: if the plastic packaging is packaged not in the factory, but in the store, you need to consume the contents in 5 days.

Plastic packaging in comparison with the usualA tin can has a number of advantages - a small weight, a convenient format and a way of dosing the contents, unbreakable material. That's only the risk of acquiring a counterfeit multiply increases. Carefully read the composition of the purchased goods.

Additional ingredients (cocoa, coffee, chicory) for the preservation of condensed milk in a tin can not affect, the shelf life will remain the same - 12 months.

A non-viable manufacturer does not need to fake the date of manufacture or pour in a product that does not have any real relationship to the condensed milk.

Of course, and in a tin can get caughtpoor-quality content. Under the usual blue and white label, canned milk can hide on the can. In such products, in addition to milk, vegetable fats are present, which significantly reduce the cost of production technology.

Most often in the acquisition of counterfeit it is necessary to blame only your own inattention. Choose the good quality products will help you the following tips:

  • On the label with a real condensed milk is applied GOSTand the inscription "Whole condensed milk with sugar" (a set of words may be somewhat different, for example, "Whole condensed milk with sugar" or "Low-fat condensed milk with sugar", "Partially skimmed condensed milk with sugar").
  • Milk-containing canned food has on the package various inscriptions - "Condensed milk", "Milk special", "Milk condensed milk with sugar", etc. About the composition of milk-preserving canned food we already mentioned above.
  • Tara should be sealed without chips,cracks, dents, deformations, streaks, traces of bloating and rust. The integrity of the package will protect the contents from infection by pathogenic microflora, and you from possible poisoning.
  • You can recognize the real condensed milk byall-stamped labeling on a tin can. In the first row, the industry code M and several figures must be indicated, among which you need to find the marking 76, which says that the product does not contain components that are not stipulated by GOST.
  • In the second row of marking, the production date and the shift number are indicated. To make a stock of your favorite treat, get a freshly prepared product.

GOST is legalized in the condensed milk antioxidants (E300, E301, E303, etc.) and stabilizers (E331, E332, E339 and E340).

Although the condensed milk has undergone a process of prolonged pasteurization, it should be stored correctly. Only compliance with the storage conditions guarantees the quality of the content. How much condensed milk is stored on the packaging.

Optimal conditions for saving canned condensed milk:

  • temperature background from 0 to 20 ° C;
  • relative humidity is not higher than 85%.

Consider how to store canned milk before and after opening the package.

The optimum temperature regime for storing condensed milk can be achieved in the refrigerator or basement:

  • Do not put jars close to each other to avoid chipping and rust.
  • For storage in the basement, install the containers in a cardboard box.
  • If they have a special lubricant, do not wipe it, it protects the sheet from corrosion. Wipe off the protective layer before opening the container.
  • Observe the humidity level in the room, ensure good ventilation.

The shelf life of condensed milk in an open form does not depend on the packaging. After opening, the container should be stored in the refrigerator for no more than five days.

  • Doi-packs and plastic bottles must be covered in order to minimize the ingress of microflora.
  • From a metal jar, pour the contents into a glass jar with a cap nylon or a plastic container.

After opening, the metal quickly oxidizes, the favorite treat is saturated with oxidation products, which affects taste and utility.

Sweet-toots have a very low probability of appearing condensed milk in the refrigerator, but what about those who use delicacy only for culinary purposes or from time to time drink coffee with its addition?

Can I freeze the condensed milk? Should not be doing that. The violation of the temperature regime during storage leads to sugariness.

Boiled condensed milk also has a high popularity. This product is especially good for making various desserts.

  • Regardless of whether you cooked yourself or bought canned prefabricated products, they are subject to the same storage conditions as for regular condensed milk.
  • Do not forget about the need to move the contents of cans after opening into a chemically inert container.

If the contents of the opened jar are sugared, most likely, you forgot about it, and the period of use expired. This product must be disposed of immediately.

If you bought a condensed milk and foundsugared mass, and before the expiration date is still far away, there is a violation of storage conditions. It is worth noting that the manufacturer is no longer responsible for the quality of such a product.

Some mistresses reanimated candied condensed milk, boiled over low heat with the addition of milk or water. But it's better not to eat such a product, but just throw it away.

Now you know how much can be storedcondensed milk in a tin or other types of packaging, how to choose a quality product. If the storage conditions are respected, the delicacy will not cause harm to health. Do not forget to periodically perform an audit in the pantry and in time to dispose of jars with expired shelf life.

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