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Is it possible to freeze the cake of poultry milk on agar agar

Cake "Bird's Milk" on agar-agar with a mirror chocolate coating

A real cake "Bird's Milk" is prepared foragar-agar and if you managed to buy agar-agar, I advise you to prepare this version of the cake. It turns out delicious and tender. I covered the cake with a mirror glaze. Cake "Bird's Milk" turned out very elegant.

egg yolks - 3 pieces;

vanilla sugar - 0.5 tsp.

Condensed milk (not boiled) - 100 g;

butter - 200 g;

agar-agar - 2 tsp. (without a hill);

citric acid - 0.5 tsp. (or 1 tbsp lemon juice);

vanilla sugar - 0.5 tsp.

For mirror chocolate coating:

cream 33-35% fat content - 80 ml (took sour cream 30% fat content);

agar-agar - 2 tsp. (without a slide).

Soak agar-agar in 140 ml of water for 10-20 minutes (this soaked agar-agar is needed for souffle preparation). Condensed milk and butter should be at room temperature.

Soft butter, sugar, yolks, vanilla sugar whisk together with a mixer. Add the flour. We mix it into a homogeneous mass.

The bottom of the form is covered with parchment paper, the dough is smeared into a circle in shape. You can cover the dough with a film and roll with a rolling pin.

Bake cake in a preheated oven at a temperature of 170-180 degrees 15-20 minutes. The cake should not dry out. Cool it down. Cook the souffle.

Beat the condensed milk with butter and vanilla sugar in a homogeneous mass and leave at room temperature.

Souffle is prepared from whipped proteins with the addition of syrup from sugar, water and agar-agar. You need to cook both syrup and whipped whites.

First, agar-agar and water, in which hesoaked, bring to a boil over medium heat. Agar-agar exhibits its properties when heated, in contrast to gelatin, which can not be boiled. But agar agar loses its properties at 120 degrees, so if you do not have a thermometer, then do not let the agar boil.

Pour sugar into the solution with agar-agar and cook onaverage fire 5 minutes (to a temperature of 110 degrees). Sahara can seem very much, but it dissolves well. The readiness of the syrup is checked as follows: if a spoon is pulled out from the syrup, the thread is drawn, the syrup is ready.

Once the syrup with agar-agar has begun to boil, beginbeat the whites with a mixer. Beads and whisking utensils must be clean and dry. At the end of whipping, add citric acid or lemon juice. We beat the proteins to stable peaks, approximately 5 minutes.

Pour the ready hot syrup with agar-agar verythin trickle into whipped whites, constantly whipping with a mixer. The mass will instantly increase in volume several times. Whisk until thick. The mass will thicken as the agar-agar cools.

Add the oil to the resulting mass with condensed milk and whisk again to a homogeneous mass. Souffle is ready.

We form the cake. The detachable form is covered with food film and we lay out the cake. Immediately pour soufflé on the cake. We set to freeze in the cold for 20-30 minutes.

During this time we are preparing a mirror chocolate coating.

Soak agar-agar in 140 ml of water for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes in a saucepan pour 250 grams of sugar mixed with 80 grams of sifted cocoa powder, pour 80 ml of cream (I took a good sour cream) and soaked agar-agar with water, stirring all the time, bring to a boil, cook for 2 minutes on medium heat and turn off the fire.

Add 50 grams of chopped bitter chocolate and mix again well.

Filter through a sieve (be sure, otherwise the icing will not lie exactly).

We take out the cake from the refrigerator and put it on the grate,

we cover the surface of the cake with a mirror chocolateglaze. To cover the whole chocolate cake with a mirror chocolate coating, pour the frosting onto the surface of the cake and drive it with a spatula (I have a wide long knife) so that the frosting covers the sides of the cake.

The glaze that the glass from the cake can be collected and used.

Immediately shift the cake "Bird's Milk" to a dish and send it to the refrigerator for 2 hours. After two hours the icing will solidify and the cake can be served to the table. And you can still decorate it with chocolate curls.

Prepare chocolate curls.

Chocolate and butter melt in a water bath, we put on the strip of parchment paper melted chocolate. We draw with a fork for relief.

We fix the edges of the strip in a coiled form using scotch on a roll of parchment paper. Let's freeze the chocolate. I froze between two 0.5-liter cans. To cool.

After cooling, remove the parchment from the chocolate curl, twisting it with a spiral.

We cut into 3 parts.

Peanut dried in a dry frying pan, crushed with rolling pin.

We decorate the cake "Bird's Milk" with peanut crumbs,

Our delicious, elegant cake is ready.

Here is the cake "Bird's Milk" looks in a cut, it is necessary to cut with a hot dry knife in one motion, so that the glaze does not hit the cut.

I hope you enjoy and pleasantly surprise the recipe for the "Bird Milk" cake on agar-agar with a mirror chocolate coating.

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