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Is it possible to freeze a Tibetan milk mushroom

Very often the owners of this fungus face the problem of its storage, because it grows and there is not always an opportunity for someone to pass it on.

And there is a saturation during its reception, tk. The therapeutic reception of this fungus is 20 days and it is necessary to do 10 days. break.

It is proved in practice that the Tibetan milk mushroom can be dried and also frozen.

After drying, the fungus has a longer recovery period from 7 days to 10, but after a frost it has a shorter period of recovery from suspended animation.

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The freezer can be stored for a very long time up to 1 year, provided that you do not unfreeze the refrigerator.

Milk can not be heated, but immediately put ina portion of frozen fungus. I take half a glass of milk and leave it for a day. The mushroom will go out of sleep and the first portion of kefir may not be successful and it can be used for cosmetic purposes, but the re-portion will be the one you can drink.

According to eyewitnesses, frost is good for him, even in cases when he begins to become covered with mucus and sick.</ b>

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