/ / Is it possible to freeze breast milk in jars for analysis

Is it possible to freeze breast milk in jars for analysis

in banks for analysis, plastic contains bisphenol,very dangerous for children. Avent because expensive, that the plastic is safe. And what about jars of Dtsk beans glass? for example, a grandmother's basket at a price very affordable, a fruity sort of thread to me-me-mam and a jar of milk. Well, Marusya soon lure = that's jars. Do you want to start with cereals? We have already eaten rice rice, and so far, nothing else has been tried.

Well cool! Well done))) How are you? We are still panting, imagine (((also to the gastroenterologist the other day!

Our affairs are wonderful))) is still on the way tothe paunch is like a seal. crawling is not even going to and sit too. They became terribly whimsical and whiny, writing off for a new batch of teeth. zhdems. We choose for Mani a stroll or a cane, the head has already broken everything)) the choice is huge. What is it that pours you about as before, how well is eeeh medicine. probably gastric you need good. Get well. And why are you newcomers? share what wheelchair you skate?

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