/ / At what time can breast milk be frozen

At what time can breast milk be frozen

at room temperature of 27-32 degrees Celsius

Requirements for dishes for long-term storage of expressed milk

How much can you store the warmed-up defrosted milk

How to warm up the expressed breast milk: a visual diagram

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For many, summer is associated with an abundance of tasty and fragrant fruits, among which melon is a real sweet treat. With the advent of the hot season for nursing moms are becoming relevant.

During the lactation period, a woman's list of banned foods is significantly expanded, including watermelon. Can watermelon be fed to a nursing mother, how does it affect the immature organism.

It's no secret that during the period of breastfeeding a woman observes a strict diet and eats healthy food. But on warm spring days, when the whole family goes on a picnic, for lactating.

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