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Is it possible to freeze milk for storage

Is it possible to freeze milk, and why? After all, milk can be bought in a supermarket fresh, though every day. But we will not talk about shop milk. It can also be frozen, of course, but it makes no sense. After thawing, some brands of milk are exfoliated and faded. To drink it, or use it for cooking something delicious is simply not possible.

This is a forced measure for the inhabitants of the Far North,to save milk, suitable for drinking, or cooking porridge. Freeze it with huge "washers" and small "tablets" in special forms, for easy transportation.

This experience was adopted by urbanstrip and south, who love homemade cow's milk. After all, you will not go to the country every day? And so, you can immediately buy 20 liters, prepack it and freeze it.

To freeze milk, use tight bags with Zip-Lock, or ordinary plastic bottles.

In bottles you need to top up a little,squeeze to squeeze out air and immediately close the lid tightly. Bottles will be slightly inflated when freezing, but it's normal, just keep this in mind when you put milk for freezing.

When breastfeeding, there are periods when milkvery much, then goes to a recession, then again a lot. This process is difficult to control, so caring mothers freeze their breast milk in order not to leave the child hungry. Breast milk perfectly tolerates frost and does not lose its qualities, even within 6 months, provided that the temperature in the freezer is stable, and it does not unfreeze. Breast milk, as well as cow's milk is bottled portion by bottle, or packets, clogged and sent to the freezer.

Defrost the milk at room temperaturetemperature, without forced heating in a microwave, or in a water bath. Fatty milk can separate, and you will see cereal flakes from above, and from below a cloudy water. It's not scary. After completely thawing, boil the milk, shake it, and you can drink, or prepare milk dishes according to your taste.

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