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Is it possible to freeze milk whey

Good day! I use thawed water for about three years. I felt a very significant healing effect. I will not dwell on this. At me a question: I wish to ask about, whether it is possible to add in frozen water that or without reduction of its ozdoravlivajushchih functions? For example, I began to cook compotes and freeze them and then drink. And also tried to freeze milk whey. I noticed that the taste of frozen and then defrosted whey is more delicious.

If you use thawed water for medicinal purposes,it is recommended not to add anything to it and do not heat it above 40 ° C, since melted water loses its unique structure and properties during heating, which it retains for 7-8 hours after ice thawing. With daily use of melt water it is allowed to insist on it natural minerals - quartz, flint, schungite, silver, and also use it for making soups and drinks, including brewing tea on it.

It was found that heating fresh meltwater above + 37 ° C leads to a loss of biological activity, which is most typical for such water. The preservation of melt water at a temperature of + 20-22 ° C is also accompanied by a gradual decrease in its biological activity: in 16-18 hours it decreases by 50 percent.

The denaturation temperature of the serum solution onFresh melt water was 3.7 ± 0.08 ° C higher than for control. The process of swelling gelatin for 20 minutes in fresh thawed water is 23-27% more intense than in the usual. Fresh melt water affects the energy, information, humoral, enzymatic levels of a living organism. It is used both in the form of drinking, and for inhalations. In addition, inhalation of fresh melt water significantly reduces the incidence of acute respiratory infections, nasopharyngitis, bronchitis, pneumonia. This procedure improves the external respiration, normalizes the condition and functions of the nasal mucosa and larynx when.

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