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Is it possible to freeze homemade chops with milk

Working women on weekdays no time to cookdinner, so the hostess with experience are stocked with semi-finished products of their own production. One of the options for quick cooking is fried frozen cutlets.

Eat fresh meals better from the purchaseforcemeat. If the meat base was frozen before selling, it lost some of the nutrients. Cutlets from such minced meat, having got in the freezing chamber, will turn to a nutritious dish, but deprived of all vitamins and minerals.

Do not stand negative temperatures fried semi-finished products with garlic. After thawing, such cutlets tasted like cotton wool.

  1. Form the minced meat with onions and seasonings of the future semi-finished products.
  2. Fry for about 5-8 minutes to make a golden crust.
  3. Transfer to a napkin. It absorbs excess fat, and then cutlets will be less caloric.
  4. Freeze the workpiece on a wooden board. Recommend to pour the cutlets with flour so that they do not stick together, and do not lose shape.
  5. In the freezer set only refrigerated semi-finished products.
  6. Wait 3-4 hours, and shift the churned cutlets into cellophane bags or plastic containers.
  7. After pasting the stickers with the date, return to the freezer.

Get out as necessary, but store no more than 2 months. Warm up in a frying pan or in a microwave.

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