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You can freeze the milk in a jar for analysis

Some people think that breast milk can beStore only in special containers or bags. In fact, for storage and freezing of breast milk, a wide variety of containers are suitable. There are four requirements: they must be strong, well closed, clean and inert during freezing (do not allocate anything to the contents).

If a nursing mother creates a breast milk bankfor her own needs, she chooses those containers that are convenient for her. If it is a question of expressing and freezing donor breast milk, the question of packaging is a matter of bilateral agreement. Storage tanks at the same time should be convenient for a dairy mom and arrange a host family, as they may have their own ideas on this matter. In most cases, the host family provides the packaging, so it makes sense to discuss this issue before starting cooperation on the exchange of donor breast milk.

These packages are sold in super- and hypermarkets. They are specifically designed to freeze food, pass appropriate certification, so they do not excrete any substances in products that are strong enough and with a reliable latch to avoid tearing and opening during storage (of course, if it's quality packs for freezing). Since the daily portion of donor milk rarely exceeds the volume of 200 ml, so that it is not "lost" in the package, it is better to use packages of a minimum volume, of those that are on sale.

If mum buys for the child the industrialbaby food, sometimes in the house a large enough stock of these jars accumulates. They are equipped with a well-closed lid, and the glass itself is inert and excellent for long-term storage. Before use, the jars should be thoroughly washed. Also, do not forget the old focus with the burst full frozen jar, so you do not have to fully refill the jars, so that the milk, like any liquid, has a place to expand. Glass jars are also convenient because they are reusable. When the milk from the jar is eaten, it can be washed and re-used to store the next serving. Lack of jars - they take up a lot of space in the freezer.

In pharmacies there are on sale sterile jars foranalyzes. They are small, there is a measuring scale in milliliters, which is convenient for determining the amount of milk in a jar. Under the terms of their use for their intended purpose, it is assumed that such jars can be cooled and frozen, so they are made of inert plastic that does not emit anything when cooled and frozen. These jars take up less space in the freezer than the previous ones, but still more than soft plastic bags.

Although such packages are not convenient for everyone, some momsadjust not to thaw the whole package at once, but carefully cut off a few cubes from it and defrost exactly the small portion that is necessary for feeding. When using such bags, you need to pay special attention to their strength, since they often release from a very thin plastic, and they easily break.

- In any strong bags or containers intended for food storage

In principle, breast milk is the same food forbaby, like all the rest of our food, so any storage capacity suitable for cooling and freezing food is suitable for its storage. It is necessary only not to forget about the general rules of hygiene.

- In sterile bags that use the food and biological industry to store samples

If parents have the opportunity to purchasesuch packages in bulk, they can also be suitable for storage of breast milk, since they are intended for cooling and freezing, are made of strong and inert plastic.

This option is offered to us by the producers of goodsfor children. They are small, usually with a marking in the form of a scale, which allows you to determine the amount of milk in the bag. But these packages are of different quality even from the same manufacturer, and, despite its high cost, according to the reviews of moms, it happens that they are torn and open during storage.

This is the most expensive storage option,and such containers are significantly more expensive than even special packages. Such containers are strong enough, they do not crack, but they can leak if the lid is not loosely or twisted, which in a hurry is easy. And they occupy more space in the freezer than all the previous versions. Plus this option is that the containers are reusable, they, like jars from baby food, can be washed and used again.

No container for breast milk increases anddoes not reduce its storage time. When choosing any type of packaging, it is necessary to observe the rules of hygiene and carefully monitor the safety of the container during storage and defrosting, since losing even 100 ml due to the fact that the bag burst is very insulting.

If you choose any rigid plastic containers, you need to make sure that they do not contain bisphenol A.

Interesting information about the effect of different types of packagings on the content of nutrients in breast milk is found in this article.

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