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Is it possible to freeze young pods of turtle

For a person, protein food is indispensable. But not always in the refrigerator at the landlady there is meat or fish. Here, legumes come to the rescue. Very hearty and tasty dishes can be prepared from beans. Particularly interesting is the turtle bean - snack, which they like to cook in the East, especially in the Caucasus. The basis of the turtle is a green or yellow string bean, the taste of the dish is sharp and sour.

Many mistresses never prepared a turtlebeans, the recipes of which we will consider today. For those who decided to make it for the first time, it is recommended to make a sample from a small number of ingredients, which is often referred to as a "one-bite test". There are many recipes of turtle from one bean, but most often in a dish add eggplant and sweet pepper. Recipes are good in that all components can be taken in quantity at their own discretion. Any greens can be used: coriander, basil, dill, celery and so on.

To make the dish tasty and useful,you must choose the right bean. For this purpose, pods of light green or yellow color, of beautiful shape, which have an even gloss and are sufficiently dense, are suitable. Only young fruits have a tender taste and juiciness, for which this product is valued.

Before cooking, the tips of the pods are cut from twoparties, then they are well washed. When cooking, the vegetable should be lowered into boiling water, cooked for no more than two minutes, so that it does not boil and does not lose its useful properties. Thus, cook it until half cooked. After that, they throw it back in a colander and spread it on the towel to dry it. You can cut beans into pieces after cooking. The turtle is a good addition to meat and fish dishes, and it is also used as a snack.

Ingredients: green beans (green or yellow), carrots and garlic, as well as salt, spicy and black peppers, bay leaf.

Beans are washed and cleaned of tails. Then it is boiled for two minutes, taken out and chilled with a paper towel. Carrots are cleaned, washed and rubbed on a grater, garlic is cleaned. The hot pepper is washed, the seeds are removed from it and finely chopped, the garlic is ground.

How is the tuna bean prepared (recipes for winter)? To do this, put a layer of beans in a large pot, sprinkle it with one spoon of salt, garlic and hot pepper, add black pepper and bay leaf. Next lay a layer of carrots and repeat the same procedure. The pan is covered with a plate and put down for five days. On the first day, vegetables should be allowed to juice, if there is not enough, you can add a brine made from one liter of water and one tablespoon of salt. On the second day, you can taste the dish and add salt if desired.

On the fourth day, beans are harvestedfor the winter . For this, the brine is drained and boiled for about five minutes. Vegetables are put on clean cans and poured hot brine, roll up and store in a cool place. If the turkey is not prepared for the winter, it can be eaten on the fourth day. Serve it with olive oil and green onions.

Turshu, prepared according to the above recipe,separated from the brine and densely packed in liter jars. Then they are covered with lids, then put in water and sterilized for thirty minutes. After that, the cans are rolled up, covered with a blanket and left for complete cooling.

Ingredients: one kilogram of green (yellow)young beans, four sweet peppers, four young eggplants, one pod of hot red pepper, eight cloves of garlic, purple basil, dill, three hundred grams of cold water and thirty grams of salt.

Very original there are recipes of dishes fromturkey bean. One of the most delicious is this dish. To cook it, you need to brew the beans so that it remains elastic. Aubergines and sweet pepper are also boiled. Garlic must be cleaned and crushed. All the vegetables are put in a bowl, garlic and bitter pepper are added, chopped greens are put on top, salted and poured with water. The dishes are covered with a lid and put under oppression. Vegetables are left to sour for four days, serve a turtle with vegetable oil, sprinkling with chopped green onions. The beans are kept together with other vegetables in a cold place.

Beans are very tasty if cooked according to this recipe.

Ingredients: one kilogram of beans asparagus, two hundredfifty grams of carrots, one head of garlic, one hundred grams of vegetable oil, seventy grams of vinegar, two tablespoons of sugar. Fifteen grams of spicy seasoning.

This marinated turkey bean is prepared veryjust. First the beans are washed and cleaned, blanched in salted water for a few minutes, after which it is diluted on a paper towel so that excess liquid is gone. Then carrots are rubbed on a grater, garlic is passed through a meat grinder, sugar, seasoning and salt are added. All vegetables are mixed, poured with hot oil. Ready-made beans, turtle in Korean, should stand in a cold place for about a day, after which it can be eaten as a snack.

Ingredients: two kilograms of flat green beans, three green lettuce peppers, two heads of garlic, "piri-piri" sauce, two eggplants. For brine: two liters of water and one hundred grams of salt.

According to this recipe, the turtle beans are prepared simply. First prepare the brine, which is left to cool it. Meanwhile, beans and eggplants are separately boiled for about two minutes, they are extracted and chilled. It is spread in the dishes in layers, shifting with paprika slices and pieces of eggplant, sprinkling with chopped garlic. Then they pour the sauce "piri-piri". Thus, there should be several layers. All this is poured with brine and put under oppression. A few days later, the beans, recipes for cooking which are very interesting, will be ready. It is put in a salad bowl and poured with olive or other vegetable oil, and finely chopped onions are placed on top.

Before using this snack, it must be washed with acetic acid.

Ingredients: five hundred grams of green beans, eight hundred grams of water, forty grams of salt, five grams of vinegar.

Beans are washed, cut into three parts, boiled fiveminutes and dry. In the water, add salt and put on fire. Ready brine pour pre-cooked with beans, add the vinegar, cover them with lids and sterilize for twenty-five minutes, then roll up and put on a cold, previously wrapped in a blanket. The ready-made dish is excellent as a side dish to porridges, meat and fish dishes.

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