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Is it possible to re-freeze expressed expressed milk

The reasons why young mothers want to keepsuch a valuable food for the baby, a lot. During breastfeeding, a woman can face a number of situations and problems. For example, you need to go to work, and leave your baby with a nanny or grandmother, and so that during a mother's absence the baby gets proper nutrition, it is better to express breast milk and preserve it, namely, to freeze.

No one is immune from the ailments, and if yousuddenly got sick, and the doctor was forced to prescribe antibiotics to you, then a milk supply would be needed. After all, breast-feeding when taking such drugs can not. By the way, it also happens that the baby simply refuses to suckle, then you can feed the baby with breast milk with the help of a bottle. And anyway, what only situations do not happen, and, of course, it is always possible to feed the child with a mixture. And why, if there is an opportunity to freeze mother's milk? So, dear mummy, if you are lucky and you have a lot of this valuable product, do not throw it away at all, save it better. And we'll tell you how and in what you can freeze breast milk at home.

The answer is unequivocal: you can. It is important to know how to properly and in what way to freeze breast milk, how long it can be stored, and how to defrost properly. Of course, if there is a violation of storage technology, you may run into trouble. Such valuable food will spoil and it will not be possible to give the baby.

At 20-24 degrees and above this product in generalcan not be stored. After 3 hours at room temperature, it begins to deteriorate. If you just put the expressed milk in the refrigerator at 0-7 degrees, then the storage period should not exceed 5-6 days. Already through this time, it will begin to lose all its antibacterial properties. And then put it on the refrigerator door is not recommended. The shelf-life of milk in such a place should not exceed a day.

And only frost will save the breastmilk for a longer period and with a larger volume. In the freezer it can be 3-4 months, and with deep freezing (at -20 degrees) - up to six months. The defrosted milk is stored in the same way as the freshly expressed, that is, not more than a day.

Most mothers who decided to approachthis way of storing natural nutrition for the baby, is disturbed by the question: what is the use of freezing breast milk? Reviews and answers to this are different. Someone acquires special capacities, and someone uses everyday bottles. By the way, some moms so answer the question about what can be frozen breast milk: in jars for analysis. Of course, this method takes place if the jars are bought in a pharmacy and completely sterile. But still you should know about all the existing types of packaging.

Storage tanks are plastic andglass. The first thing that should be followed by anyone who buys dishes and is interested in what to freeze breast milk is sterility and the ability to close the lid tightly. In addition, the container should be easy to use and have a dimensional scale.

Today manufacturers of means for mums and kidscan offer a lot of options, in which you can freeze breast milk. When purchasing a breast pump, and you need it to express milk, ask if there are special containers for freezing in the kit. There can be both glass bottles, and packages for freezing. Packages can be both reusable, and disposable. The second, of course, is preferable. They are hermetic, sterile, easily sealed and have a measuring scale.

The choice of means, in which to freeze breast milk,remains for you. Someone may suggest glass jars, someone prefers plastic, but if you decide to choose plastic, then it should be safe for the baby, without polycarbonate and bisphenol A.

Not everyone can afford to buy a one-offutensils for storage of mother's milk, so the point of sterilization of bottles should be given special attention. After emptying the jar, it is not enough to wash it. For repeated use it must be sterilized.

There are different ways of sterilizing dishes forthe kid. If you use glass containers, then it can be processed in a double boiler. Unfortunately, it is impossible to sterilize plastic with this method. You can also use the multivark for these purposes, by setting the mode "on a pair". The standard method of sterilization used by our mothers and grandmothers is boiling. If you do not have a steamer or a multivarker, and you can not boil dishes, use special antiseptic tablets that are sold in each pharmacy.

Now you know what to freeze the breastmilk, photo containers for these purposes will help make a choice in the store. And how correctly to freeze this product, after all simply to express and put it in the freezing chamber it is not enough? First of all, only need to be decanted by clean hands, into clean and dry utensils. Then the container should be put in the refrigerator to cool the milk. And only after putting the container in the freezer.

Do not forget to mark the container on the datedecanting. If the container failed to fill, it can be done later, but most importantly - do not add to the frozen milk just expressed. Before cooling the expressed milk in the refrigerator, and only after add to the frozen.

To keep breast milk as much as possibleuseful properties, it must be properly defrosted. In no event can you do it in a microwave, you can not boil - so all useful properties will evaporate. The most optimal is the use of a bottle warmer, a jet of warm water or a water bath (but not more than 40 degrees). But before using these methods, the milk needs to be moved from the freezer to the refrigerator, so that there is not too much change in temperature. It is better to move the container before going to bed, and get it in the morning.

Now you know how to correctly and in what wayto freeze breast milk. Of course, fresh is much better than frozen. But in comparison with the adapted mixture frozen milk has nevertheless more useful properties.

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