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Is it possible to freeze milk porridge

I would have cooked. )) Even if in the freezer and a malignant microbe is started, boiling will kill him.

So I also think. I'll boil it after all.

I do not know, a friend cooked porridge on breast milk and turned the curls of the bowels .. the doctors said from the milk .. type on it to cook porridge can not

And here in Japan, one doctor said that the teeth began to deteriorate from "sugar in breast milk."

Trust but check.

I would not just cook on my milk. I would cook a kashka on the water. Or divorce the store. A expressed milk would just add to the finished muffin. But still the shelf life is in doubt. When I breastfed, I also expressed and froze, to feed them later. And the doctor said to me about the frozen one, like in no more than a month (or three months?)) I forgot it (() it can be stored in the freezer, but for seven months, I do not think it's worth the risk.

At the courses and in the hospital I was told thatfrozen milk is stored no more than 6 months. And then, if it was stored in a separate freezer (-18). And if the freezer is not a separate - and the upper compartment of the refrigerator, then in general - 1 month.

- at 19-22 C (66-72 F) - 10 hours

- at 25 C (79 F) - 4-6 hours

- in the refrigerator at 0-4 C (32-39 F) - 8 days

- Freezer shelf inside the refrigerator, without a separate door - 2 weeks

- Freezer compartment with a separate door - 3-4 months (the temperature varies due to the frequent opening of the door)

- Stationary (separate) deep freezer with constant temperature -19 C (0 F) - 6 months and longer.

- in special bags for storing frozen milk

- it is not recommended to freeze milk in disposable bags for bottles

- before adding a new portion to the already frozen milk, it must be cooled

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