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Is it possible to freeze rice porridge?

- When the product has cooled to room temperature, close the lid.

- Glue on a container or tie a sheet of paper with the date of freezing.

2. Rice under the polyethylene film

- Tighten the bowl from above with a polyethylene film so that a sufficient amount of film remains on the sides.

- Place a plate or a cutting board on top of the bowl.

- Quickly flip the bowl with a plate or board so that the bowl is on top.

- Carefully lift the bowl and cover the rice with polyethylene film from the edges.

- Remove air from under the film, give the rice a square or rectangular shape. This is necessary in order to be more convenient to store the product in the freezer.

- Put individual bags of rice in a sealed bag or plastic container, seal or tighten it tightly.

- Record the date of rice packing on the bag or container.

- While the rice is still hot, put it on a sheet of paper and evenly distribute it.

- Cut a piece of paper with rice into smaller pieces.

- Cool the rice to room temperature, put each serving in a separate package. Remove excess air from the bags, close the bags.

- Write on the packages the date of freezing.

- Put the bags in the freezer.

4. Rice pudding

- Put the pudding in a container for freezing and let it cool to room temperature.

- It is better to spread pudding in a few smallby the size of the containers, than in one big one - so it will be more convenient then to take it out and reheat it in the required quantities without heating the rest, since this dish should not be thawed without needing to be thawed.

- Allow the pudding to cool. Cover the container, mark the date of freezing.

- Rice pudding is stored in the freezer for 3 months, but it is recommended to use it as soon as possible.

5. Rice dishes for kids

- Put the dish in bags, squeeze out excess air from them.

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