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Can I freeze baby porridge

Knowing how to freeze baby food can prepare and store whole lots of homemade food for the baby, because this is a real find for busy parents.

There are several ways to freeze baby food - they all work equally well - but can occupy a different amount of freezer space.

... it is necessary to prepare homemade baby food,and then cool it as quickly as possible to prevent the growth of bacteria. Any food left at room temperature for more than two hours is not safe for consumption by a child and should be discarded.

To cool the cooked food quickly, you can try putting it in a shallow container - you can even lower the container in a pan of cold water that helps speed up the process.

Thoroughly clean the ice mold and spoon that will be used in filling each section. Form for ice with a closing lid is idealis suitable, since it protects the food from frostbite or any foreign odor from the freezer. If there is no mold with a lid, you can cover the food with a safe plastic film. Some people use foil, although we do not recommend it because some pieces of foil will remain in the food!

Place the filled ice form in the freezer, and - after full freezing - place them in ZIP-bags that take up less space in the freezer.

This method gives an ideal size smallportions of baby food - usually about 30 grams or so. One cube for one meal can be enough for the baby to start, but, as it grows, you will have to increase the number of cubes at a time or increase the shape for ice.

You can also make many different tastes of baby food by mixing and matching different fruit and vegetable cubes, for example, combining an apple puree cube with a carrot puree cube, is delicious!

Some forms for ice are specially designedfor baby food and do not contain potentially hazardous chemicals - but you can use a conventional ice cube tray, or you can advise you to try the silicone mold, or even stainless steel trays, although the usual plastic option is fine if you have confidence in the quality of the product.

Similarly to method 1, since the processfreezing baby food is the same only instead of the ice form used silicone molds for cupcakes! Their flexibility makes it easy to take out food portions - plus, of course, their use is beneficial when the baby starts eating more baby food!

If there are no suitable containersfor freezing baby food, then you can use paper for baking (although it will take a bit more space of the freezer at the initial stage).

Just a spoon lay out the cooked babymashed potatoes on a baking sheet to form small hills (although we draw your attention that it does not work if the mashed potatoes are too liquid). We cover the paper for baking food film, freeze it, and then we mix the portions of food into bags, as before.

There is another good way to freeze baby food - it's to mash the glass jars, which are designed to freeze and put them in the freezer.

However, we draw attention to the fact that it is never necessary to freeze baby food in glass jars unless the can manufacturer specifically stated that freezing is safe and possible.

Banks that are safe for use inThe freezer should be appropriately labeled and different from other cans (including commercial baby food cans) that are not strong enough to withstand the expansion of food that occurs during the freezing process.

This means that the bank can burst or - stillworse - there may be small microcracks that can not be seen with the eyes, but which will allow tiny fragments of glass to get into the child's food.

Probably the most popular wayfreezing of home-made baby food is the use of special forms for freezing children's food in the form of trays or jars, there are a huge number of options, so there is plenty to choose from!

Manufacturers, recognizing the growing trendparents freeze baby puree, offer special forms for baby food, which make life easier, well, already because there is a lid! Moreover, these forms are free from potentially harmful chemicals, rather than sinning some plastic trays for normal consumption.

Most types of baby food - especiallypuree - perfectly freezed. Sometimes it is necessary to experiment with the texture, since the process of freezing itself consists in that the water in the product freezes expanding, destroying the cell walls. This is especially noticeable when the whole product freezes, for example, a frozen banana will be very soft when it thaws.

To have fewer problems with freezing baby food, here are some tips that will be helpful ...

- Do not mash too liquid before freezing. It is worth considering the fact that many products are becoming more watery when thawing (especially fruits and vegetables), adding additional liquid before freezing will then have to add too many flakes for thickening!

- Herbs and spices tend to lose their flavor in the freezer. If the prescription for baby food requires their presence, it is best to add them after how food is thawed, just before heating.

- Baked foods - like homemade nuggets orfish sticks - it's best to freeze in a state where they are almost cooked, but not completely ready. This is because the structure of food during freezing and thawing can behave negatively.

- When freezing yogurt,that when it is thawed, it can be too liquid. Sometimes it is good enough to stir it to solve this problem - but in some cases, the resulting yogurt is too liquid to eat with a spoon, so this yogurt can be used for smoothies!

- A good result is obtained from freezingrice and oatmeal porridge, which is good if the morning looks like a nightmare and there is no time to organize a full breakfast. Only porridge should not be made too liquid, before their to freeze.

- Many fruits - especially apples and pears - canlook very brown when frozen and thawed. This discolouration is a natural and harmless result of the effects of air on fruit, but if this is a concern, then you can solve this problem by mixing lemon juice and fruit puree before freezing. Please note that citrus fruits can cause an allergic reaction in infants, so you can use it with a modified color!

- If you want to make your own stockvegetable or meat broth, which is convenient, you only need to prepare a large batch at a time and freeze. It is worth trying to freeze in forms for ice or baby food trays, they were told above - then the ideal size of the small pieces will lie in the freezer to use as needed.

- If baby food was frostbitten, then fortunately, food safety is not affected - just unfrozen, and then cut or cleaned with a spoon in the direction of the affected areas.

The safest and simplest way to defrostbaby food - this is before feeding to put them in the refrigerator for the night. Frozen cubes of baby food thaw 8-12 hours in most refrigerators. Use defrosted baby food should be within 24 hours.

Never, never again freeze the defrosted baby food, as this creates the risk of food poisoning for the baby.

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