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Is it possible to freeze milk porridge

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The freezer is a very convenient thing. It can hold frozen berries, vegetables, meat, fish, pelmeni, vareniki, pizza, puff pastry. But this is not the whole list, which can be frozen for future use. There are a few small tricks that will facilitate your existence and help to prepare delicious and healthy dishes for the whole family quickly.

If the freezer is filled with the right products,then you will always have what to cook in case of lack of time for standing near the stove or when the guests suddenly arrive. And you can pamper your loved ones in a hurry not only with dumplings or pizza. We offer you 13 products that you can safely freeze.

1. Rice and other cereals from cereals. Sometimes, in order to cook porridge, you need twotimes more than you have at that time. If you prepare a serving-the second in reserve, when you have free time, and freeze-it will help you out if there is absolutely no time to cook your favorite baby's porridge.

2. Ripe bananas. You can peel bananas from the peel, cut them intoseveral parts and freeze the lobules. And you can make them with a blender blender and freeze it in small portions. At you always near at hand there will be a filler for milkshakes, pancakes, etc.

3. Nuts. Nuts are expensive. But it is most profitable to buy them in bulk. However, minus the nuts is that they do not have such a long shelf life. To ensure that a large batch of nuts do not deteriorate ahead of time, they can safely freeze. However, their useful properties are not lost.

4. The remains of vegetables. It often happens that a crumbled onion orcarrots are too much for cooking. The remains do not have to be thrown away - they can be frozen. So you can do with absolutely all vegetables. Then you can add them to cereals, soups, stews.

5. Dough of all kinds (not only puff). Frankly, I'm often at unexpected guestshelps out the frozen short pastry. From it is easy to cook grated pie or delicious biscuits for tea. Even a yeast dough can also be frozen. It will help out if you want to quickly make a pie with vegetables or apples.

6. Meat semi-finished products, not just dumplings or vareniki. Meatballs, cutlets, croissants ... Even the already cooked chicken can safely be frozen in the freezer. Believe me, this helps me very much when I cook something for dinner or dinner, no time.

7. Butter. Yes, one pack of frozen butter is very beneficialkeep in the freezer. It often happens that early in the morning to run to the store behind him to make sandwiches, you do not want to. And here such a stock.

8. Herbs and spicy herbs. Admit it, because it often happens that you buya whole bunch of dill, parsley or mint, and use only a few twigs? The rest lies in the refrigerator until it becomes unusable. The best option for safety is freezing. Crumble the greens and freeze in the sachet. If you add it at the end of cooking, then the taste of fresh can not be distinguished. And all the useful properties are also preserved.

9. Sandwiches. Yes, yes, a couple of frozen sandwiches are good for helping, if everyone slept in the morning and urgently needs to flee somewhere. Even ready pancakes, pancakes and waffles can be frosted.

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