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Can I cook frozen mushrooms without defrosting?

In the Russian cuisine mushrooms are rightfully occupied by a specialplace - of them prepare a variety of dishes, using them in boiled, fried or stewed. Even a small amount of mushrooms added as an ingredient in the main course, garnish or gravy, can decorate any lunch or dinner, turning it into a real holiday. Use for this you can not only fresh or dried mushrooms, but frozen.

Frozen mushrooms to use them forfrying or cooking other dishes from them, you can and yourself. Usually at home when there is no possibility of quick freezing, the mushrooms are pre-boiled, decant water and put them into individual portions of 200-300 g. So you can freeze any mushrooms brought from the forest: white, boletus, birch bark, chanterelles and even russula or honey agarics.

The store also sells frozen mushrooms -cultivated artificially mushrooms and oyster mushrooms, as well as forest - white or honey agarics. These mushrooms are frozen in a raw form and they can be purchased by weight in the amount that you need for cooking. For frying for two or three servings you will need 500 g of frozen mushrooms of any kind or frozen mushroom assortment.

Before cooking frozen mushrooms,Defrost them is not required. If you want to fry them, pre-fry the finely chopped onion in a frying pan and, when it turns golden, place the boiled or raw frozen mushrooms in a frying pan. They will give the juice, which must be evaporated, frying and stirring the mushrooms over medium heat. A lot of spices in the mushrooms do not need to be put not to interrupt their natural taste and aroma, so the contents of the pan can only be salted and add a little ground black pepper. But 2-3 spoons of sour cream will only emphasize and enhance the taste of mushrooms.

First, fry mushrooms and onions separately beforeThe state when the liquid from them completely evaporates. Then start to fry in a separate frying pan cut into small potato slices. When it is already half-moist and the crust begins to appear, salt it and put the fungi, fried with onion, in a frying pan. Further, until the potatoes are ready, fry them together and serve on a table, sprinkling finely chopped greens.

To make delicious sauce from friedFrozen mushrooms fry in vegetable oil finely chopped onions. After he starts caramelizing, put the frying pan in the frying pan, grated on a large grater, and blanch it for 2-3 minutes. Add the frozen mushrooms, fry them until the juice is evaporated, sprinkle the contents of the frying pan 1-2 tbsp. flour, mix, lightly fry everything in the flour, and then add 1 glass of water. Extinguish everything until the flour thickens, then remove from the plate, let stand for 10-15 minutes. Such a gravy can be watered unsweetened porridge, serve it to meat or poultry.

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