/ / Is it possible to freeze raw mushrooms of honey agarics?

Can I free raw mushrooms honey agarics?

Photogallery: Frozen snow agarics for winter

The first thing you need is an armor Sort, sort by size and clear of debris. For freezing only fresh, young, firm, not spoiled mushrooms are suitable. Freeze dry agaric beverages, so it is not recommended to wash them.

Some mushrooms are blanched before freezing, but honey agar is recommended to be frozen in its raw form. Blanched firehounds after freezing will beto have a deformed appearance, and after defrosting they will lose shape, since when frozen they were full of moisture. If you were going to cook caviar soup or soup, there's nothing wrong with that. But if you plan to fry them, blanch a mushroom before freezing should not be.

If you are afraid to freeze raw honey agarics, you canStill, before freezing, boil them in salted water. But in this case, after boiling it is necessary to throw mushrooms in a colander, let the water drain, and then shift the mushrooms to a towel that will absorb the remaining moisture. Freeze firearms can only be after they are completely dry.

So, completely cleaned mushrooms, sorted by size, you need to spread out in one layer on a plastic pallet for freezing. If you put the mushrooms in layers, they freezecan stick together and deform, in addition, the process of freezing will last longer. Therefore, it is better to freeze them in one layer, and then decompose them into storage containers. Place the pan in a freezer with a deep freeze (-18 degrees Celsius). If you do not have a pallet, you can fold the mushrooms into a plastic bag, but again - with one layer.

When the mushrooms freeze, spread frozen mushrooms over plastic bags or plastic containers. Try pack mushrooms in such a way that one packet or container is enough just for cooking one dish: thawed mushrooms can not be subjected to repeated freezing, therefore each portion of mushrooms should be used completely.

Tanks with frozen mushrooms fold in the freezer. Frozen honey agarics can be stored for six months, after this period they can not be used for food.

Frozen honey can be boiled, fried, stewed, used for soups, caviar and other dishes. The main thing is to remember one important rule: immediately after defrosting it is necessary to subject the mushrooms to any kind of heat treatment. You can not unfrozen honey mushrooms and leave them in the refrigerator for later. This, incidentally, applies not only to frozen home-made fries, but also frozen mushrooms bought at the store.

Store frozen mushrooms can be fried or stewed without defrosting: just put the frozen mushrooms in the panand cook until the excess liquid is evaporated. Homemade honey fungus is pre-cooked because they were not washed before being frozen. Therefore, it is better to boil the mushrooms in salted water for 5-10 minutes and toss into a colander, and then you can fry or stew them until ready.

Frozen honey can be marinated in the same way as usual. Before pickling, they must be boiled within 10 minutes after boiling, the broth is poured off, and only then it is boiled directly in the marinade.

If you want to enjoy delicious dishes from the winter in winter, be sure to freeze these mushrooms for future use: it will take not too much effort and will allow you to significantly diversify your diet in the cold season.

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