/ / Can I marinate frozen mushrooms white

Can I marinate frozen mushrooms white

And now I think, maybe, unfreeze and spin a few cans? ? What do you think?

When mushrooms thawed, they already became likerags, they do not have elasticity. Fry, stew, in soup, stuffing for dumplings and pies - it's good, but marinate, there's the squeak that elastic brims.

I myself, too, fought helpless in the past year with myopiae.

I have a recipe for pickled mushrooms, which does not require a long fuss. You are still mushrooms boil, so you can immediately and marinate them.

Fungi for cooking lay in a large pan,pour cold water, add salt to taste, but not too much, so as not to overdo it. I put the cook, remove the foam, cook the mushrooms until they begin to settle. Before this I check for salt, if necessary, then dosalivayu. Before this, I sterilize the jars in the oven. In a sterile jar (it should be a little warm or even cold) to the bottom I pour in 1 tin. a spoonful of 9% vinegar, I put mushrooms (I take them from the pan with a scoop, which I keep in a boiling broth with mushrooms), I just squeeze it. In a full jar I pour in another 1 stl. spoonful of 9-ounce vinegar. And I roll up with a metal sterilized lid.

If you think that there will be a lot of vinegar, then you are deeply mistaken - it is almost not audible.

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