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Can I eat frozen mushrooms in two years

My family eats, because the product is frozen atogether with it all bacteria, we eat every year and with us the blessing is all right, the only minus the excess in the pronounced taste of the freezer which I never and never will like, even when for a long time lies that it is decrepit, loses its market appearance and its own as bad and good qualities

Mushrooms are loved by everyone, especially fresh ones, whichonly from the forest. Most of them are podberezoviki and boletus, chanterelles and of course white, the most beloved. Clean, mine, cook soup or fry in sour cream with onions, you can with fried potatoes, who loves as much.

But gradually the appetite weakens a little, the mushrooms of all can not be eaten immediately, there are surpluses in rather large quantities, we begin to make preparations for future use for the winter.

I freeze already boiled and slightlysalted mushrooms, detach from the liquid and freeze separately. Frozen soup is then used for soups or sauces, well, mushrooms for their intended purpose: frying, stewing, filling all kinds.

Stored deep frozen mushrooms - 18 degrees to a year, without fail following the rules of storage.

Last year's mushrooms can be eaten, but it's better to use them before the expiry of the valid shelf life, that is, for 12 months.

Anyway, by this time, anothermushroom time and go fresh mushrooms to everyone for joy. So it is not necessary to store so long and the more so to eat stale mushrooms, even in a freezer, health is more expensive.

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