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Can I freeze chicken roll with mushrooms

Hello, guests are dear!

And do not we diversify the chicken diet? The fillet of this bird, of course, is very useful. It is always on the side of those who want to acquire a slim figure and strengthen health!

But in itself it is rather dry and very simple. But you can do so much from it! Fillet is perfect for experiments in the kitchen! :)

Today we will give him juiciness and wrap it in a tight spiral - in general, make a wonderful roll of chicken breast with mushrooms! :)

And I'll tell you something interesting about mushrooms that will go into the filling of our rolls ; )

The recipe with the photo of us is already waiting, so rather include music and take up cooking!

Let's listen to Queen's beautiful song "One Year Of Love".

Valsiruem under it and lay out on the table everything you need :)

As it turns out, there is little to prepare real dandruff, suitable for weight loss ; )

And since we have all this at your fingertips, we begin the step-by-step recipe immediately!

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    Well, for now no one has come, we have a little time. To begin with, we learn the calorie content of chicken rolls.

    So, in 100 grams of today's dishes - 127, 7 kcal!

    In my opinion, such a food - rich in protein, incredibly tasty, and even dietary - just a godsend! What do you think? :)

    However, even with such nice figures, you need to submit something appropriate to rolls - useful and easy.

    Vegetables in any form - a win-win option! :)

    Including in the composition of salads:

    Do you want to quickly tell me how to prepare rolls differently? :)

    • Firstly, this dish of chicken can be baked in foil or in a culinary package. Only then cheese with nuts should move inside - to onions and mushrooms :)
    • Secondly, instead of the oven, you can successfully use the multivark - it will take 20-30 minutes. A special plus of this method - food will not burn :)
    • And third, than just do not stuff rolls! Eggs, carrots, spinach, cabbage, bacon, cottage cheese and even some other meat! In general, they take everything they want - up to prunes, raisins and different fruits :)

    So champignons are not an exotic filling at all

    But very useful!

    • Such mushrooms are not only the necessary protein ; ) They are still full of phosphorus - not less than in many species of fish!
    • Thanks to vitamins, amino acids and other useful substances, champignons improve the condition of the skin and nervous system, lower the level of cholesterol in the blood and strengthen immunity.
    • And they help to remove fatigue! :)

    We have got such a dish that each of its ingredients is beautiful and useful!

    I hope you will like it too! Do not forget to send your feedback and share culinary secrets :)

    Good mood to you and good health!

    Indeed, is it possible, with the help of delicious food, to get rid of excess weight and noticeably improve well-being? Very much even it is possible! All the details of this unique program are here.

    P. P. S. Many dream to look in the mirror with joy and without embarrassment to wear tight clothes. Do you also have similar dreams?

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