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Is it possible to freeze marinated mushrooms

Is it possible to freeze salted mushrooms

I personally did not have to freeze salted orpickled mushrooms, but read reviews on the forums that after defrosting salted mushrooms become like a rag. The taste is there, and the consistency is not appetizing. To be honest, I do not understand why salt mushrooms should be cleaned in the freezer? If you bought them a lot and there is no pickle, then you can prepare a fresh pickle and pour them mushrooms. Marinated mushrooms can be tried to freeze in a plastic container along with the marinade. Then, it seems to me, the structure of mushrooms will not suffer so much from the ice. If there is no marinade, then you can also prepare a new one for the mushrooms and pour it hot under the screw caps so that the cans can stand for a long time. Mushrooms with fresh marinade in glass jars can be stored at room temperature.

In most cases, people recommendUse defrozen pickled mushrooms for cooking eggs or caviar. Everyone tends to the fact that ice crystals destroy the cells of fungi and they become loose, rather than dense.

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