/ How many boiled frozen mushrooms are stored in the freezer

How many boiled frozen mushrooms are stored in the freezer

Even during the collection of mushrooms, practical housewives are trying to procure their supplies for the winter.

They can be salted, canned, marinated, frozen, dried.

These plants are of great value for the human body, contain a lot of nutrients and vitamins.

But they retain their useful properties only if the conditions necessary for their storage are correctly prepared.

It is necessary to remember how long the frozen mushrooms are stored in the freezer. We will discuss this issue in more detail below.

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Initially, the mushrooms that you are going to expose to low temperatures to preserve, it is worth collecting.

And it's important to do it right.

They should be edible.

The most popular types of mushrooms are:

Of course, this is not the whole list. The most diverse species can be found in the forests of our country.

All collected mushrooms are very important to wash thoroughly. They should not have dirt. This can be done with both hands and with the help of various improvised tools. For example, it is most convenient to cleanse the remains of soil and grass with an old toothbrush.

Such cooking allows you to keep food longer. When cooking, you can not wait for defrosting, and immediately you can put them in a pan.

First of all, the products are frozen,so that they are preserved as long as possible, for example, before the New Year's holidays, when each mistress can please her home and guests with various dishes.

From forest treasures, you can prepare various sauces, julienes, which can be used with some species of birds, for example, with chicken.

You can cook pies, mushroom soup and a very, very many goodies.

There are such kinds of mushrooms that have a sponge under the bonnet, which becomes watery when cooking, which is why their original taste is lost.

Therefore, such mushrooms are harvested only fresh.

These include the boletus, oily, white.

Honey comb, for example, is not necessarily cut. In the future, small mushrooms can be used to decorate festive dishes. It is important that after thawing the mushrooms do not lose shape, otherwise they will not be suitable for decoration. Moreover, they will lose their taste and form.

First of all, any mushrooms are required qualitativelywash and clean. Then put on a flat surface and spread them over it in a thin layer. A cutting board, tray or flat plate can be used as a surface.

After that, the surface is placed in the freezer. After about 15 hours, it is recommended to get a tray or a cutting board with mushrooms, transfer them to a clean plastic bag, then put the full package in the freezer.

Frozen already boiled, fried, salted, marinated mushrooms is carried out, as they are not suitable for decorating various dishes.

Then it is necessary to put them in a colander, rinse and leave in it for about 30 minutes, so that the liquid is superfluous glass, and the mushrooms are cooled.

Having done this, boiled mushrooms should be stillfurther properly wring out. Then they need to be folded into a container or a special package for freezing, which has increased strength. Then put the container with them in the freezer.

The most optimal temperature for their storage at the same time should be - 18 degrees. Do not eat mushrooms after the expiration of the recommended shelf life.

Defreeze the mushrooms immediately before adding them to the dish that you are going to cook.

At the initial stage, you need to shift the package from the freezer to the refrigerator on the lower shelf.

Mushrooms should not be re-processed, as they will become tasteless and watery.

If the mushrooms are frozen correctly, they will not lose their taste and do not deteriorate. They can be used for cooking all kinds of dishes.

The taste of frozen mushrooms will not be inferior in any waytaste fresh. Thanks to their freezing, you can enjoy the taste of mushrooms at any time of the year, because their shelf life is great enough. In addition, you can save a lot.

See a video in which the expert tells how to freeze the mushrooms:

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