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Can I freeze the mushroom for the winter?


When the tea mushroom has dried to a thin plate,it can be cleaned in a closet or refrigerator. When the tea mushroom is needed again, it is necessary to place it in a jar of sweet tea - it will come to life there within a week and will again be ready for work.

We cook not very strong sweet tea (about 5 tablespoons of sugar and 2 teaspoons of tea or black tea for 1 liter of water) is palatable. Brew tea is recommended for at least 15 minutes.

Filter the tea. Sugar should be completely dissolved, and particlesthere should not be any welding. Let the tea cool to room temperature. Culture will die if placed in a hot solution. For young mushrooms: in the tea should be added a little infusion of the fungus from the cans where it was previously contained as the "starter starter" (the amount of infusion should be about 1/10 of the total volume of the liquid).

Put the mushroom in the jar. We close the neck of the dish with gauze or a paper napkin and fix it with braid or rubber band, so that the mushroom can breathe, but small bugs and dust can not penetrate into the jar.

We put the bank in a dark, warm place - the ideal temperature for the tubular fungus is about 25 ° C.

After 4-10 days of insisting Tea Mushroom is ready to the use.

The fermentation time depends on the air temperature inroom - the higher the temperature, the faster the drink will be ready. When the drink reaches the desired acidity, according to your taste, take out the tea mushroom with clean hands, rinse it under cold running water and dip it into a jar of cold sweet tea prepared in the same way.

Pour the finished beverage into a glass container withtight lid filling it to the brim. To get the maximum pleasure from the drink, let it ripen for a few more days in a cool place (at least 5 days) - bacteria without air access stop functioning, and yeast continues to work if the container is tightly closed, the gas resulting from the yeast can not leave and you will get a delightful fizzy drink. Before use, strain the beverage through gauze or plastic (non-metallic) strainer.

The fungus at the venerable age reaches a thickness ofa few centimeters (its area depends on the area of ​​the container in which it lives) and allows you to drink infusion daily directly from the jar containing the mushroom (of course, do not forget to replenish the infusion with a fresh portion of cold, sweet tea).

It is convenient to have two identical cans: in one will live a tea mushroom, and in another you will pour off the ready-made drink. In the refrigerator, glass hermetically sealed containers with infusion of the chan mushroom can be stored for a long time, preserving their curative and taste properties.

The fermentation process initiates yeast. As a result, ethyl alcohol and carbonic acid are formed from sugar.

Then the bacteria enter into the matter. They oxidize alcohol, and the resulting acetic acid stops the fermentation process. It turns out a liquid in which there is still unfermented sugar, carbonic acid, tannins (they are contained in tea tea leaves used by you), vitamins of group B and vitamin C. In this infusion, there are also organic acids (lactic, coal, gluconic, kolevic, etc.) enzymes, aromatic substances.

In details on the history, medicinal properties and recipes for the preparation of a tea mushroom drink You can read with article "Tea mushroom"

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