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How best to freeze mushrooms for the winter to boil or fresh

To bookmark the winter, all the same mushrooms that you collect in summer and autumn are suitable: from chanterelles to white, the main thing is that they are edible.

The season of quiet hunting should not pass by ourfreezers. Because - alas, but in the winter of fresh pancakes, chanterelles and mushrooms, we are unlikely to find in supermarkets. We will buy mushrooms of factory frost or eternal, like the Egyptian pyramids, mushrooms and oyster mushrooms.

But! If we do a little podsuetimsya, and briefly win their own laziness, then ... then we put in the freezer mushroom stocks, freeze them according to the rules and in the winter we will enjoy a fragrant mushroom soup, fragrant stew and even a delicate Spanish omelette.

Rule number 1: clean, fresh, young

Our mushrooms, as if we did not freeze them, shouldbe fresh, clean and if possible not broken. On this depends a lot - and the appearance of the product after defrosting, and quality. Therefore, the mushrooms need to be collected, bought, bartered, vymkanichit - fresh. The maximum is yesterday's assembly.

Next, cleanse the soil, litter and other unnecessary additions. Ideal - young solid mushrooms.

Attention! When you clean mushrooms, not too much of their urine. Mushroom easily absorbs water, which will become ice in the freezer. Why do we need water in the mushroom?

It is easiest to freeze whole and fresh mushrooms. After cleaning, they are stored in a freezer on a flat surface, and after a few hours can be poured into a prepared bag or container. Ideal mushrooms for freezing in this way will be boletus, honey agarics, forest mushrooms, podberezoviki, boletus, chanterelles.

We need the fungus to be strong, and after defrosting they will keep the shape and decorate any dish.

Attention! Defrost raw mushrooms best, transferring them to the refrigerator. Then they will be quite fresh, just out of the woods.

If you are afraid to freeze fresh mushrooms andwant to hedge, then before freezing, boil them. Not for long - up to 5 minutes. Most often this method is frozen marmalade, intended for cooking. This method also works for broken, lost, but fresh and tasty mushrooms.

To prepare mushrooms, throw them, peeled and cut into pieces, into boiling water for 5 minutes. Then let it cool down, fold it in a colander and lay it out over food bags or containers.

Count the number of mushrooms in the package so thatone packet you could use for cooking one dish. As a rule, half of small packages are obtained - from 300 g to half a kilogram, and half - with a bigger weight, from 500 g to 1 kg.

You can also freeze fried mushrooms. To do this, clean, prepared mushrooms are fried on a small amount of vegetable oil for 20 minutes, until all the excess moisture evaporates. Completely cooled mushrooms are laid out in packages and frozen.

By the way, so that mushrooms are not lost when frying their ownsweet taste and aroma, mushrooms can be fried on a baking sheet in the oven. For this roasting, even sunflower oil is not required, and the mushrooms are prepared in their own juice.

Rule number 4: maintain the temperature

Frozen mushrooms for the winter can be stored at a temperature of -18 ° C to a year. After complete defrosting of the mushrooms, use them immediately, and in no case leave them for later in the refrigerator.

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