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Can it be frozen mushrooms immediately fry and then in soup

How to fry frozen mushrooms?

And they do not need to be fried frozen. Just start defrosting them. And then cook as usual fresh mushrooms. But I, for example, freeze the mushrooms already cooked. Therefore, after defrosting, I immediately put them in a frying pan.

It is very easy to cook them, mushrooms completelyprepared, they do not have to be washed, cleaned, I immediately put on the scovard and do medium fire, cover it with a lid, then with stirring the salt, you can add the onion (if any), after turning off the fire in the end, I cut the greens cut, five under the lid stand and everything, you can eat.

First of all, the mushrooms must be thawed, forpreventing uneven frying of mushrooms. After all, if you do not thaw, then the edges of the mushrooms will already be roasted, but inside there will still be ice. After defrosting, you can fry in the usual way.

I immediately put the mushrooms from the freezer into a frying pan,This method suits me more than a preliminary defrost for the following reason. Frozen mushrooms contain a lot of rich juice, which is not lost in my method, water evaporates, and all quot; remain in the frying pan. They fry for a bit longer, but this is not critical.

With a preliminary defrost due to loss of juice, the mushrooms will be less saturated taste.

In order to fry frozen mushrooms, theirYou need to get it in advance and allow it to thaw at room temperature. So they will not lose their useful and nutritious properties. Next, you can prepare mushrooms in standard ways that you know. For example, just mix them with boiled potatoes and fry.

First they need to be thawed. You can get them from the freezer and wait, or you can unfreeze them in the microwave. After the mushrooms are thawed, they can be cut and fried, as usual. Together with mushrooms in a frying pan you can put a small piece of raw potatoes - when it is ready, then the mushrooms are ready.

I used to think that frozen mushrooms beforehot it is necessary to defrost, but recently bought a package of frozen champignons and read on the label, it was written - DO NOT defrost! I was very surprised, but I decided to cook as the manufacturer advised. And so, I had a package of 400 grams of chopped mushrooms, I also took 1 large onion. Separately, I cooked a large chopped potato. At first I lightly fried onions in vegetable oil, then added frozen mushrooms. Almost immediately in the pan began to form a lot of liquid, I scooped it out with a spoon in a glass, and stirred the onion and mushrooms. So I fried mushrooms about 5-10 minutes. Then with the finished potatoes drain the water and lay it to the mushrooms with onion, salt, mix. Fry minutes 3-5, then pour from the glass mushroom broth and put out under the lid for 5-10 minutes. In the end sprinkle with herbs. It turned out very tasty. You can cook mushrooms without potatoes, just add sour cream and boil at the end.

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