/ / Is it possible to freeze fresh mushrooms fresh without boiling

Is it possible to freeze fresh mushrooms fresh without boiling

Small in size, young strong mushrooms can be frozen completely without boiling?

Which mushrooms are suitable for this?

Can. Suitable are all mushrooms that are not saline and do not require pre-soaking (such as mushrooms and blackies). In addition, the mushrooms should be free from the possible "meat" inside them - this is my personal opinion. I will not risk freezing the mushrooms, not making sure that they are perfect inside - I always do a control cut. The exception is unless the young autumn agarics and small, neat chanterelles. I usually freeze normally in packages, carefully perebriv and washing. I prefer to let it drain before freezing.

The main advantage of freezing raw mushrooms: the method helps when there are a lot of mushrooms, and there is very little time to process them. In the case of hikes for mushrooms in the North, an industrial freezer is the thing.

The main drawback: they occupy much more space in the refrigerator than they are in the boiled form. Mushrooms during cooking greatly decrease in volume. Opportunities, for example, are reduced by 4 times.

The possibility of different ways of storing mushrooms allows us to choose what to save - time or place, and also which of the familiar ones which mushrooms to treat - ready to eat or not.

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