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Is it possible to freeze salted mushrooms in a french frog

Opyat - very tasty mushrooms. They are ideal for marinating and freezing. Frozen honey agarics are universal in their use. You can fry them, cook soups from them, make caviar or mushroom sauces. About all the intricacies of proper frost, read in this article for winter.

Opeyat grow families, and in one place you cancollect a decent amount of mushrooms. Cut mushrooms should be several pieces at a time, a short distance from the ground, so as not to touch the earthen. It is better to clear mushrooms from garbage at once, at collection.

The houses of myrmillas need, first of all, to sort out andsort. For freezing, only fresh, strong mushrooms with no signs of damage will do. Mushrooms are also sorted by size. Small ones are frozen completely, and large ones are cut into several parts.

Further, the mushrooms need to be washed from various debris and small insects.

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Many people ask: "Is it possible to freeze raw firearms entirely?". Of course you can, and even need to. Frozen honey canes do not lose their attractive appearance. They can be extinguished, fried, sent to soup or used for cooking mushroom goulash, that is, cook them in the same way as freshly picked mushrooms.

Wash mushrooms before freezing in raw form is not necessary. Excess moisture does not need anything. If the fungi are heavily soiled, they can simply be wiped with a damp towel. In an extreme case, the mushrooms are rinsed under running water, and then carefully dried on paper towels.

Further, they are laid out on a pallet or chopping boardboard, laid with food film, in one layer. Some time stand in the freezer, and then poured into bags or containers for long-term storage.

Another way - freezing boiled drink. To do this, pre-washed mushrooms, dip into boiling water and cook for 10 minutes.

Then the mushrooms are transferred to a colander to givethe possibility of draining excess fluid. After the honey mushrooms have completely cooled down, they are packed in packages. It is important that one package contains a single portion of mushrooms, since repeated freezing of fungi is unacceptable.

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Frozen fried fucus is a semi-finished productcompletely ready for use. For the preparation of such mushrooms, it is necessary to put pure honey agarics on a frying pan and fry for 20 minutes with the addition of oil.

Next, fried mushrooms are transferred to a sieve,to stack excess fat, cool and pack for portion packs. At the same time, it is necessary to release air from the packages as much as possible. Packed mushrooms are placed in the freezer.

Raw mushrooms are thawed for 8 hours inthe main compartment of the refrigerator, and then at room temperature. Defrosted honey mushrooms are slightly dried with a paper towel and later used to prepare various dishes.

Honey mushrooms, frozen in fried or boiled form, do not require preliminary defrosting.

It is possible to store frozen firearms for 6 months, and with a freezer temperature mode above 18 ° C - up to 1 year.

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