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How best to freeze mushrooms champignons

Is it possible to freeze champignons at home? How to do it right? What is the secret of cooking mushrooms? Know whether it is possible to freeze mushrooms, should every hostess who grows these mushrooms on their own site or collects them in the wild. Freshly they are simply fine, but can be a delicacy and in winter, if properly preserved.

Often the question of whether it is possible to freezechampignons, occurs in people who buy food in the supermarket. Indeed, these mushrooms are in almost any modern store in large quantities, but how safe are they? Do not they accumulate toxic components for humans? However, there is nothing to be afraid of. For a long time people have found out whether it is possible to freeze champignons, and the answer is obvious and undeniable: yes, it is possible.

The richest harvests of all kinds of giftsNature man takes off in the warm season. Of course, some mushrooms and berries can be harvested before the first snow, sometimes even later, but mainly summer - the period of filling the bins. Traditional methods of harvesting - cooking marinades, jams. Collecting mushrooms champignons, you should instead of specialized heat treatment choose the modern technique, good, freezers make it possible to prepare and store for a long period of time any mushrooms.

It is believed that the freezing of champignons is one of thethe safest way to preserve mushrooms for the winter. It is also effective, helps to preserve nutritional components. At the same time it is necessary to understand, the freezing of champignons will lead to the loss of some qualities. The mushrooms will not be crispy, the appearance will change after defrosting. But the taste will remain the same, so many prefer to keep the champignons for the winter. Mushrooms need to be harvested correctly, then the benefits and taste will be preserved.

It is preferable to harvest collected personallymushrooms, as it allows to be sure that they were taken in a clean place with untouched nature. Growing along the major trails mushrooms can not be - they accumulate harmful substances. Many doubt whether it is possible to freeze champignons raw. Specialists recommend doing it this way: just picking mushrooms, you need to clean them, steam and freeze them. However, in the process there are certain features.

On the question "is it possible to freeze the mushrooms in the freezer" the answer is positive, although it is recommended to separate the hat from the stem, so it will be more convenient to work. But this step is optional.

At the beginning of the work with the products, the mushrooms are thoroughly washedin warm water. It will allow to melt the mushrooms, and they will be easier to clean. Then the fruit bodies are dried on a towel, letting go of excess moisture, as too much wet mushrooms are not stored for a long time, and as the defrosting changes the color to an unsightly dark. Duration of drying - a third of an hour or more. The next stage is cleaning. Part of the peduncle, which touched during the growth of the fungus of the earth, must be removed.

Is it possible to freeze fresh mushrooms entirely? Yes, of course, this is possible, but rather inconvenient both during the cleaning process and during subsequent processing and defrosting. If the product is pre-grinded, it will take much less time before preparing the winter for the acquisition of the desired aggregate state.

Usually mushrooms are cut into cubes, slices,focusing on the desired size - there are no clear rules. It should be remembered that the defrosted mushrooms can not be cut, so it is better to do it right away, taking into account the needs of the process of cooking a particular dish.

Recommended sliced ​​and prepared mushroomsput in plastic containers, although you can use ordinary bags, removing excess air from them. The neck must be carefully tied - this helps to protect the product from extraneous odors. If it was decided to use a plastic container, it must first be thoroughly rinsed, so that no foreign objects, odors, food remains left, then wipe dry, only then put the mushrooms on storage.

Champignons should be frozen in portions so thatfuture, it was possible to easily separate the amount of product necessary for preparing the dish. You can not freeze the whole mass of mushrooms at once, then plan to unfreeze, separate the desired volume, and remove the remaining storage for storage, with repeated freezing, the smell, taste, and benefit of the product completely disappear. Duration of storage of frozen mushrooms - about six months.

To a dish with mushrooms was delicious, you need to be able tonot only to properly prepare champignons for storage, but also to unfreeze them correctly. In general, the products are thawed in the refrigerator for several hours before cooking and used when they reach the desired state. This unhurried approach allows you to preserve the taste, benefit, smell.

But with mushrooms things are very different. Gradual defrosting can lead to a change in color to black, and the taste will become empty. It is necessary to pour a portion of the product immediately into a pan or broth, while continuing to prepare the dish.

Champignons can not be frozen immediatelyafter collection, but also with preliminary heat treatment. Pre-fried, cooked mushrooms are allowed to be stored in the freezer. This option allows immediately after defrosting to use champignons in food, you will only need to warm them up.

Cooking champignons is very simple - water is boiled, poured peeled mushrooms, cook for 10 minutes. Before placing in the container, you can cut the mushrooms, allow them to cool, then put in the chamber.

The frying of champignons is no different from the preparation of mushrooms of other species. Add oil to the frying pan and treat the product until all the liquid has evaporated.

For our kitchen mushrooms are considered as equallytraditional dish, like fried potatoes or pasta with minced meat. Many have become accustomed to them since childhood, they know and love. Of course, champignons are not so popular and loved as white or boletus, however mushrooms are delicious, and that the main thing is that their mycelium is very fertile. If the year turned out to be fruitful, you can collect up to a centner of fruits with your own hands if you know good places far from the trails.

The process of cooking mushrooms has a lotvarious nuances, depending on the method of processing. Many people like pickled mushrooms, others make casseroles with stuffing. It is also important that mushrooms are essentially free of charge, and expenses are mainly connected with the road to a good place where you can collect a rich catch.

With a low calorie content, the fruit body of this varietyfungi is considered very nutritious. Scientifically proven that a constant intake of food allows you to normalize metabolism. Especially high mushrooms are appreciated by people forced to adhere to a special diet to maintain weight.

Consumption of these fungi can reducethe concentration of cholesterol in the circulatory system. Also, the fruit body is rich in protein, easily processed by the human body, and it is an indispensable building material for bones, teeth, and muscle tissue. Studies have shown that the protein content of champignons is preferable to meat, eggs.

Considered mushrooms are rich in potassium. This nutritional component has a positive effect on the heart system and the work of the vessels. Also, the champignon contains elements that have a positive effect on the nervous system, which makes it easier to cope with obsessive thoughts, depression states, anxiety. The fruit body contains phosphorus, calcium, so that the fungus can compete even with fish. Champignons are a source of folic acid, in most vegetable, animal products almost not found.

In dried form, mushrooms can be used forpoisoning - they help to remove toxins from the body. It is believed that the champignon positively affects the brain, increasing its activity, and also improves memory. For really tangible benefits you need at least once a week to eat dishes with mushrooms. Therefore, it is so important to be able to freeze the gifts of nature - this will allow you to pamper yourself with a useful product all year round.

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