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Can I freeze dry mushrooms

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  • The most important rule is the mushrooms for freezingmust be fresh! Young boletus and white mushrooms, as well as russules, svinushki, ryzhiki and freckles are suitable for freezing during the day. Oily and ebony need to be processed right after harvest.

    For freezing it is better to take small, strong andyoung specimens, preferably unbroken. The last two parameters depend a lot - the appearance of the mushrooms after defrosting and their taste, in particular, the flavor. Pre-wash them is not recommended. You can only shake leaves, earth and other rubbish from them. Fungi easily absorb water, which when frozen will turn into ice.

    How to freeze raw mushrooms

    It is easiest to freeze mushrooms fresh and whole. Mushrooms, which have a sponge under the bonnet, should be frozen only in fresh form. These include oily, white and boletus. In boiled form, they will become too watery and lose much of their taste after defrosting.

    To save space in the freezer, mushroomsmust be pre-cut. At the same time, the smallest specimens can be frosted entirely, they will serve as a good decoration for many dishes. True, initially they must be strong, otherwise the mushrooms will not keep their shape after defrosting.

    Prepared mushrooms spread on a traythin layer and place in the freezer for 12-15 hours. During this time they must be in time to freeze. The temperature in the chamber should be maximum. Frozen mushrooms put in a plastic bag and return to the freezer, putting in it the usual temperature regime.

    Ideal mushrooms for freezing in this way will be honey mushrooms, boletus, forest mushrooms, podberezoviki, chanterelles.

    How to freeze boiled mushrooms

    This method of freezing is suitable for broken,lost their marketable appearance, but tasty and fresh mushrooms. Boil them, not for long - about 5 minutes. Throw the mushrooms in a colander and allow the water to drain for 30-50 minutes. After this, the mushrooms can be wrung out a little to remove unnecessary moisture. After that, they must be placed in a clean container or a tight bag and put into a freezer.

    Count the number of mushrooms in a container so that one package or container you can use to make one dish.

    You can also freeze fried mushrooms. To do this, mushrooms fry on a small amount of vegetable oil for 15-20 minutes, until excess moisture evaporates. Completely cooled down mushrooms spread on packages and freeze. So that they do not lose their incomparable aroma and sweet taste when frying, mushrooms can be fried on a baking tray in the oven. For this kind of roasting, you do not even need oil, because the mushrooms will be cooked in their own juice.

    Fungi frozen by this method, ideally suitable as a filling for pies, kulebyaki, chicken.

    How much can you store frozen mushrooms

    Frozen mushrooms for winter should be kept attemperature -18 ° C. The period of their storage is not more than a year. After complete defrosting, immediately use mushrooms, and in any case do not leave them for "sweat" in the refrigerator.

    How to defrost mushrooms properly

    Keep in mind that mushrooms, like any other product, should not be re-frozen. Otherwise you will get a watery tasteless porridge.

    Defrost the mushrooms should be slow. To do this, simply shift them to the lower shelf of the refrigerator and leave for 12-20 hours.

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