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Can I freeze dumplings with potatoes and mushrooms

How to freeze dumplings? Read step by step instructions and find out how to do it correctly.

Why do I need to know how to freeze dumplings? To make dumplings is not an easy task, therefore housewives very often prepare a large number of vareniki at a time, and then they are frozen in portions in order to take a bag at any time and use the "gold reserve".

It's so convenient: threw vareniki in boiling water, boiled for a few minutes and a delicious dinner is ready. However, freeze dumplings should be so that they as a result do not turn into a stuck together lump of dough and stuffing.

It is best to freeze dumplings in portions asit was already said - that this portion was enough for the family at a time. A portion of vareniki will depend on the size of your family. Most often, dumplings are frozen in portions of 500-700 grams.

Any. Vareniki with cherries and cherries, with other berry fillings (strawberries, currants, mulberries). Vareniki with sweet and salted curd, potatoes, mushrooms, liver, meat, liver. Even lazy vareniki can be frozen!

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