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Is it possible to freeze the tea mushroom in the freezer

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Sometimes it is recommended to freeze a tea mushroom,leaving a ready-made drink in cold conditions in a state of complete tranquility. For this purpose, it can be placed in a vessel with a screw cap. Before that, it is left open so that the vessel does not burst, but is screwed immediately before freezing. Before thawing, open the vessel so that a vacuum does not form over the liquid. According to observations, a freeze, carried out for a month, confirmed the preservation of bacteriological substances. Thus, the cold does not kill the fungus. Bacteria, yeasts, mold spores can remain even in ice in a living state for a long time.

When freezing, it is necessary to pay attention tothat the fungus does not deteriorate in this process. If the temperature decreases so slowly that the fungus is for a long time in the critical temperature zone from 0 to -5 ° C, then it can spoil it. Such a decrease in temperature is critical because in the drink large large crystals of ice are gradually emerging, destroying the cell walls. It takes time for the crystallization process. Give those opportunities to form cells. The fungus very quickly and most often develops unexpectedly during the period of cold sleep. Therefore, it is necessary to create conditions for quick freezing. This does not make it possible to germinate large crystals of ice. Then in large quantities there are only small crystals that can not destroy the cell walls and the structure of the fungus.

When thawing the mushroom, a piece of ice is put in fresh nutrient fluid. After some time, a beautiful fungus is formed again, maybe only a little more mucous than usual.

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