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Can I freeze mushrooms without boiling fresh

Frozen mushrooms will delight the delicate aromaand bright taste for a year. Knowing how to freeze mushrooms for the winter, you will always have at hand a useful natural product without chemical additives. You will learn all the subtleties of the process from this article.

Freeze clean and strong mushrooms. The ideal choice will be white, honey agaric, boletus, podberezoviki, oily, chanterelles and champignons. They do not need to be soaked to remove the bitter milky juice. Also you need to consider:

  • it is better to frost the mushrooms with whole hats and legs;
  • they must be prepared for freezing on the day of collection;
  • after washing, the mushrooms must be dried, so that during frost no ice is formed;
  • plastic containers or plastic bags are suitable for freezing.

When frozen, the fungi retain the maximum of useful substances and vitamins. This way of preparing them will not take much time and effort.

There are several popular ways of freezing:

  • for the preparation of raw mushrooms they need to be decomposed intotray at a short distance from each other and send to the freezer for 10-12 hours. Then they must be distributed among packages or containers for convenience of storage;
  • you can cook boiled mushrooms. In this case, after defrosting, you do not need to spend much time preparing them. Boil mushrooms need 30-40 minutes, then let them finally cool and pack the product in packages;
  • chanterelles are advised to pre-soak andto fry. Soak them in the salt water at a rate of 1 liter of water - 1 tbsp. l. salt. This will help rid the chanterelles from bitterness. Fry them better in vegetable oil without salt, all the liquid must boil. After that, the fungi must be well cooled and sent to storage in the freezer;
  • The original way is considered to be frost inbroth. Mushrooms must be pre-brewed well, let them cool down completely. In a small container, lay a plastic bag, the edges of which should cover the walls of the container. Pour broth with mushrooms into the package and put in the freezer for 4-5 hours. When the liquid is completely frozen, gently separate the package from the container and send it back to the freezer. This option of freezing is perfect for making mushroom soup.

Such frosts should be stored at a temperature not higher than -18 ° C for not more than one year. After defrosting the mushrooms must be prepared immediately, leaving them for a long time in the refrigerator can not.

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