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What can I cook from frozen mushrooms and potatoes

Many housewives know that such a root crop aspotato is superbly combined with many ingredients. This property of potatoes is fully used in preparing a variety of dishes. In the proposed recipe, potatoes "neighbor" with mushrooms. Prepare a potato and you.

How to Cook Fried Potatoes with Frozen Mushrooms

In our recipe, potato tubers are supplementedmushrooms. At us for a dish they initially frozen. In general, frozen mushrooms, stored for the winter from the time of their collection - it's an excellent option to diversify your menu. Mushrooms can be used for our potato dishes of any kind (naturally, edible).

For fried potatoes, mushrooms should be thawedbeforehand at room temperature. If there is no time for defrosting, then use the "services" of the microwave oven. The necessary amount of frozen mushrooms should be transferred to a bowl that is suitable for a microwave oven. Set the defrosting mode of the products. After 4-5 minutes (the time depends on the properties of microwave technology), the mushrooms will be ready for further cooking.

In addition to potato tubers and thawed mushrooms, the recipe uses onion, spices. Potatoes with mushrooms are fried in a frying pan with the addition of vegetable oil.

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